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Rhonda F. Esq.

I love my Card's but I have no love for Larry Fitzgerald or Rod Graves.  Both parties are wrong, Fitzgerald isn't a team player and Graves is an idiot for allowing this contract and for not rectifying his blunder earlier.  This disaster has set our team...which was on the incline, back by leaps and bounds.  I can only imagine the disharmony that Fitzgerald's contract crisis is causing.

Being realisitic...Fitzgerald has to go.  Arizona cannot pay his ridiculous salary.  The blow to the slary cap would be phenomenal.  Arizona would be helpless in free agency for the next two years.  To date, Arizona has done nothing but release players in free agency.  First, Arizona was poised to make a run for OG Faneca in free agency...but Fitzgerald's reluctancy to help his team out prevented the transaction.  Then AZ lost Calvin Pace to Miami and now AZ is on the brink of losing Bryant Johnson (he is visiting with the Bills as I type.)   Also, has anyone stopped to think about Anquan Boldin, how is he supposed to feel?  His take home is around 2 million (or less) and he performes equally if not better than Fitzgerald...why isn't their pay equivalent?  If I had to lose a reciever I would rather lose Fitzgerald.  Boldin is a total player, team leader, and a dedicated and talented player.  I cannot say the same about Fitzgerad.

Admittedly, Fitzgerald isn't the only one at fault.  Matter of fact, it isn't totally or even mostly his fault.  The blame lies predominately with Arizona's incompetent General Manager, Rod Graves.  I ask myself...when inking Fitzgerald four years ago, did Graves presume that Fitz would fail?  What possessed him to agree to a contract with such incentives???  Before his departure, Danny Greene commented on the issues that would arise during the last two years of Fitzgerald's contract...and what did Graves do, not a thing!  I don't care what other issues Graves was fixing or addressing, he should have planned some time to address his 04 blunder...point blank, it's his job!  If I lost my employer millions dollars then I assure you I would be termined immediately.  

So what are AZ's options?  1. trade Fitz, 2. keep Fitz and pay him, 3. renegotiate with Fitz.  Option 2 is not an attractive offer.  Arizona has massive needs on the defensive side of the ball as well as the offensive side.  Arizona needs a CB, DB, LB, OG, WR, K, and a RB.  We don't have the financially capabilities to address these issues without dumping Fitz, and one Fitz doesn't compensate for two defensive powerhouses.  Bryant Johnson is a capable WR and has the potential to be above decent. It might be his time to fly.  Option three would be ideal...but it just doesn't seem possible.  At the end of the day, Fitz is good, he might even be great, but he sure isn't worth 16.4 million dollars.  I'm starting to think that option 1 is the way to might just be time to part ways...although I question exactly what team will assume Fitzgeralds contract?


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