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PackBrew42 is Truffle Shufflin

Greetings members of FanNation, I'm Tom Tucker. We interrupt our currently scheduled broadcast to bring you this late breaking YKWRGMG - Late Breaking News Edition.

We go now to PackBrew42 reporting live from Foxboro, Massachussetts about another new Spygate allegation.  PackBrew42, what details do you have?

Thanks Tom.  New details are emerging regarding another possible video-taping incident surrounding the New England Patriots & coach Bill Belichick. According to league sources, NFL officials, members of the NFL Competition Committee, and NFL Commishioner Roger Goodell are looking into an unspecified accusation that Bill Belichick had authorized and participated in video-taping activities related to the October 6, 2005 Minnesota Vikings "Party Boat" team activities.

According to reports, a female employee at Marie Celeste's "Row & Go", observed a hooded figure returning one of the rented rowboats back to the "Row & Go" late on the evening of October 6, 2005 with several large, covered boxes within the rowboat. When asked about the figure, the employee stated, "At first, I thought I was dead. The night was dark and there was a pale moonlight that was reflecting off the lake and a rolling light fog. Out of nowhere, I see this hooded individual rowing towards me and I thought this individual was Charon, the ferryman who ferries the dead across the River Styx into the afterlife. However, as the figure got closer I started to realize that Travis Henry probably just sold me a bad batch of Mary J. I knew it wasn't Charon because this individual was too poorly dressed to be Charon...I mean this guy was just wearing sweats & a hoodie but Charon at least takes his profession with a degree of professionalism. Also, Charon is much more personable & talkative...this figure just grunted a few times and handed me $5 and walked off with his gear."

Sources also indicate that Viking personnel are furious saying such manuevers such as the "backside, shimmy sham go route" (which was simulated on the boat) has been a play that's been developed for months. Mike Tice is reported as saying "We spent good money flying trained professionals from Atlanta & Florida to help us hone this technique and a guy on a rowboat with a still and video camera can just hijack it without repercussion is beyond acceptable". Players involved with this practice that night are also furious. Daunte Culpepper spoke to reporters while cleaning his yacht from a recent cruise and stated, "I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I've moved on to Miami and now onto Oakland. I think its pretty clear that I stink. I have kids to feed and I was planning on producing a straight-to-DVD release of this footage to help send my kids to college and get a bigger yacht."

Calls to NFL personnel went unreturned but unnamed sources indicate that NFL officials have confiscated the video tape in question and that Roger Goodell will be looking at the videotape. When pressed further when Mr. Goodell would review the tape, the source responded, "I can't be for sure, but I do believe it will be at a location of his preference and when his wife is out of town next Wednesday".

Reporters caught up to coach Belichick as he was leaving the Patriots' front office and when questioned about it, he responded, "I really don't know what the big deal is. Every other team in the NFL is doing what we're doing and besides, it's not like you can't find this stuff on the internet anyway".

Stay tuned for updates to this latest breaking story.  Now, back to the studios and Tom Tucker.  Goodnight Canada.


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