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A Host Named NcshvDavid: Welcome to the second edition of Around Fan Nation- I felt so bad about it -

You get a Bonus episode this week


First up  the national Bloggers

We have The Hemoglobin

Hemo: We want Ben, we want Ben! (MUTE)

AHNN: Next The Super one Squirrel

Squirrel: I never took anything other than B12 and lidocaine...

AHNN: And then Paddy

Paddy: Squirrel, I think you misremember......

And Bringing up the rear - everyone's favorite interview, Cincy

Cincy: Ooooookayyy,lqtm (MUTE)

AHNN:  Once again, I don't need that Net Crud on my  Horn

Cincy: You misremembered paddy misremembering david misreme- (MUTE)


AHNN: And I'm a HOST Named NcShvDavid You got to say the Whole - HORN

Topic 1- College! UNC is at its RIGHTFUL place at number one- Hemo you see them staying there very long?

Hemo : It really just depends on two things: Is Ty Lawson going to stay healthy, and is Tyler Hansbrough going to slow down. (1pt) If one happens, and two doesn't, then the Tarheels have as good a shot as anyone to win the National Championship,(2pt) but if one doesn't happen OR two does happen, then I predict that UNC won't get past the Sweet Sixteen.

AHNN :  Squirrel, You see round 3 in Tar Hellia?

Squirrel: UNC has two games they can't overlook in the next week if they want to stay on top. Florida State can be a pest, (1pt) and playing AT Duke is always tough. (1pt)  If they can get out of the regular season unscathed, then I think they can get to the Elite Eight, and with the right brackets, they will get to the Final Four. (1pt)  I think that this Tar Heel team is just too talented not to go deep into the tournament. (2pt)

AHNN: That's My Rodent! Paddy what you got?

Paddy: I definitely think NC is one of the best teams. (2pt)  They have one of the best players in the nation in Hansbrough. (1pt)  I don't see them losing any more games except possibly to Duke. (1pt)  Even if they lose to Duke, I think they will get to the Elite 8 or Final 4. I wouldnt rule out an upset, though....(-1pt)

AHNN: Cincy? Thoughts?

Cincy: Yes actually I do see them staying there.(1pt) They just need Lawson to stay healthy. (1pt) With the player of the year candidate and one of the top players in the nation on full power don't expect them to lose soon.(1pt)

AHNN: Hemo You Heel Hater - you wanna apologize now?

Hemo: Why am I apologizing? Cincy stole my argument... I said they had as good of shot as anyone to win the NC, NC...

AHNN: That's Better- But here's a (MUTE) anyway


Next topic

Ben Roethlisberger signed an eight-year extension Monday with the Pittsburgh Steelers that is worth $102 million and makes him one of the league's top-paid players.

Squirrel, Do you think That Big Ben is worth That much cash?

Squirrel:  No. (1pt)

Ben carried the team to the Super Bowl as a rookie. I get that. He's their franchise QB. (1pt) I get that. But now he is making a higher annual salary than Tom Brady and Brett Favre, to name a few, both of whom are better than him (1pt). To make a young guy who has really had two good years out of four one of the highest paid NFL QBs is ridiculous. (1pt)

AHNN: Paddy?

Paddy: I don't think he is worth more than Brady and Favre, (1pt)but I think this was a good move for the Steelers. (1pt) He has played at a Pro Bowl level while healthy, and led his team to multiple playoff seasons already. (1pt) He is a city icon, and he would be a hard guy to replace. (1pt)

AHNN: Cincy? - You think he's worth the Cash? I mean that's a boatload from a team that don't open the wallet much

Cincy: No,he's not worth the cash. (1pt)You know Big ben wants to stay in Pittsburgh.But 102 milion give me a break. Several of the best QB's that are better than him are paid less. (2pt)So what?Do you really think they couldn't have got by with 10-15 million less?

AHNN: Hemo?  You spending that much?

Hemo: The Rooneys obviously know what they're doing with that franchise, (2pt) and Ben fit well in the new offensive system, so I have no problems with it. (1pt) I want to take this moment to say RIP to Myron Cope, that's truly a great loss for football, not just Pittsburgh.

AHNN: So say we all - Squirrel? You want back in?

Squirrel: Ben still needs to prove that he is one of the elite level QBs before he can receive elite QB money. (1pt) He had a good year last year, but so did Tony Romo, and you don't see the Cowboys running after him trying to sign him to a 8 year, 100 million dollar contract. (1pt) Yet. He will make the same amount a QB who got the franchise tag in 2007 received, meaning he will make more than some of the top 5 QBs in the NFL today, one of whom he is not. (1pt)It's not a complete waste of money by the Steelers, but they overpaid him by about 15-20 million.


AHNN: Next topic

 Warrick Dunn got run out of Atlanta today- after being replaced by Turner - and has recived several contacts, according to his agent,

Paddy, where do YOU see the NFL's man of the year ending up?

Paddy: I think that he will go to the Cowboys. (1pt) I know that they have interest in trading up for potentially McFadden, but I doubt that will happen. He will make a good pair with Barber. Dunn has been a consistent player over the years, and deserves to be on a contender. (1pt)

AHNN: You think he can pair with Barber?

Paddy: Him and MB3 would make a great pair.

AHNN:  Cincy You think Dunn is a Cowboy?

Cincy: Heck no.(1pt)I was not liking the release anyway. (1pt) Dunn is a great guy but he is getting quite old. He has been a good RB over the years but he is not what the cowboys want. (1pt) They want another addition because they like to have a solid 1-2 punch at RB. Dunn just isn't what they're looking for.(2pt)

AHNN: Hemo?

Hemo:  Warrick Dunn will end up somewhere where he can compliment an accomplished power back somewhere. However, I'm going to disagree with my own statement and say that he plays next year in Indianapolis, reuniting with Tony Dungy, as more of a mentor to Kenton Keith and Joseph Addai. (1pt)

AHNN: Indy? Man- I don't see THAT, course he might get a Ring - you take him in Indy Squirrel?

Squirrel: I can see it, but I don't think it's the most likely place. I see him going to Dallas. Dallas has the young guy who can take the goal line reps in Marion Barber, (1pt)  and if the Cowboys part ways with Barber, Dunn instantly becomes the feature back, with Julius Jones still there to improve as a third down type back.

AHNN:  Cincy you see anywhere else?

Cincy: Panthers, they don't have depth at RB. Just lost Foster to Free agency (1pt)


AHNN: Next topic

Sam Cassel is close to being a Celtic -  Cincy - does this round mound push the Celts past the Pistons in your mind?

Cincy: Of course it doesn't, (1pt) Did you see LAC succeeding in the playoffs a few years ago when they got hot? No. He's like 37 years old. (1pt)  All it gives them is an old guard

AHNN:  Hemo Get in there

Hemo: Sam Cassell will do a few things for Boston: He'll help Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, (1pt)  because he's spent time playing with both, as a leader and a player, (1pt) he'll bring a player who's won 2 rings (1pt)  to a team that has only one player who's won one (James Posey).

AHNN: But isn't he like 90 right now? Old Centers are ok but Sam's a PG

Hemo: Old point guards are fine Cincy, Stockton never lost much, Kidd's still playing well. (1pt)  Anyways, they're not expecting 40 minutes a night from him. The Celtics were never behind the Pistons anyways in my opinion. Does this help them extend that lead? Yes it does. (1pt)

AHNN: Squirrel - you ok with an AARP PG?

Squirrel: Hey, they have Ray Allen. The combined age of their backcourt will be 70. (1pt)  But I'm ok with it. The plus for both parties in this is that, Cassell doesn't have to be the primary point guard, the Celtics have Rajon Rondo to spell him or vice versa. Cassell also has that chemistry, which is totally overused, (1pt)  but in this case means something, with Kevin Garnett, going back to their Western Conference Finals run in Minnesota. (1pt)  He adds just another key role player in my mind that does push them past the Pistons.

AHNN: - Paddy you want some Boston Baked Ben Gay ?

Paddy: I think it was a good move, not a great move, for the Celtics. In the playoffs, you need depth, and the Celtics were being criticized for lack of bench. (1pt)  Now, they have Cassell and Rondo, two guys at the opposite ends of their careers at PG. He could also act as a mentor to Rondo.

AHNN: Cincy- any final Old Jokes you wanna finish with before the break?

Cincy: Yeah,Cassell + Allen = a lot of Viagra (1pt)

AHNN: As we end round one lets look at the scores

Hemo 11
SS 16
Paddy 10
Cincy 7


Horn takes a day break - see you tomorrow!


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