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I am very happy with some of the moves that have been made by the Dolphins so far. They made all the right releases and have signed some major contributors to this team already.

RG Justin Smiley has been a decent starter and he is young, so it only gets better from here. Smiley is coming off an injury but will help C Satele grasp the game better.

WR Ernest Wilford was the Jags most consistent WR they had. He is a good red zone target. He is an upgrade over Marty Booker. Wilford won't beat too many players in a foot race but will use his body well to get the ball.

 OLB Reggie Torbor is a guy that I really like. Coming out of college he was a DE hybrid. He has played mainly special teams and started some this season at OLB. He is a good prospect that is still pretty young and may find a home at MLB in the 3-4.

DT/DE Randy Starks I love Starks. He is only 24 and only getting better. He had a great combine and should play a 3-4 DE across from Matt Roth. This is a solid starter for at least 5 years. I was impressed with this move.

QB Josh McCown is a decent QB option. At this point he is better than QB John Beck. McCown has above average mobility and should benifit from a good running game that the Dolphins have with a healthy Ronnie Brown.

OLB Charlie Anderson will prove to provide quality depth and good special teams player. Another former DE in college, Anderson is 6-4 245 and can excel in pass rushing situations. Good Signing.

NT Jason Ferguson always a consistent force in the middle. He is not dominant but will play his butt off for the team over the next two seasons. I think he will retire after two. A good trade for both the Cowboys and Dolphins.

TE Sean Ryan is a good blocker and a good special teams performer. Parcells prefers to run a lot of 2 TE sets on 1st down. So this pickup provides depth and a solid blocker for the 2 TE set.

The Dolphins just re-signed SS Y. Bell, I think that is pretty good. He is a decent starter and the best option in Miami's Defensive backfield.

Miami now has a Good Defensive Line but not very much depth. Some more depth at LB and guys who fit the 3-4. I think Parcells will keep both Porter and Taylor. I look at the front seven and it is actually pretty darn solid now. The Secondary is not great but I guarantee that the Dolphins will apply more pressure on the QB this season. The Dolphins have made big strides from last season and probably add more depth at every position. They are still going to be busy in free agency.

The Draft.....The Dolphins should pick LT Jake Long. There are many reasons but I will give you a couple. The Offensive line gave up alot of sacks late in games and would come up just short of winning some games last season. LT Jake Long has the experience, strength, size, and ability to be a Corner stone LT. That would allow LT Vernon Carey to move back to RT and improve two spots at once. The LT position is key for any franchise and costs a lot of money on the open market. The only spot that poses a problem on offensive line would be the opposite OG position of Justin Smiley.

Chris Long is a DE or could be a OLB in the 3-4. But he no where near DeMarcus Ware and to be the first overall in Parcells version of the 3-4.....that is a waste of money. If he played 3-4 DE it would also be a waste because he would face multiple double teams all throughout the game. Plus, I think that Taylor and Porter have 3 solid years left in them. IMO, drafting Chris Long doesn't add up in terms of Bill Parcells Defense or the Money that will be paid to him. If it were a 4-3 Defense that needed a pass rusher I could see. No other player really jumps out at me that would be right for the Dolphins Defense or 1st overall slot better than Jake Long.

The only other guy that I could see is DE/OLB Vernon Gholston. If Taylor is traded they should try to get a OLB that is a PURE PASS RUSHER. Try to trade down and get OLB Vernon Gholston. Gholston has faced better talent than Chris Long and put up better numbers over the last two seasons. He is stronger, faster, and more athletic. I think that Gholston will be better than D. Ware of the Cowboys.

IMO, LT is a way better pick. Since the Dolphins released RT L.J. Shelton (Lazy), they have a hole at LT and RT. So it only makes since to get Jake Long to start at LT and Carey to start at RT.

I went to far but the Dolphins are already looking soooo much better. If Bill Parcells drafts LT Jake long and gets some secondary help, then I could see the Dolphins at 4-12 or 6-10. That is light years ahead of where they were before. It will take 4 years to get back in the playoffs. I know, he fixed my Cowboys, somewhat. Give it time but it will work. Good Luck!


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