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Last night, I was figuring today was going to be a good day. No school, and no work. Then I woke up around 8:45am, and have had to make several trips to the bathroom. No idea what I ate last night that could've sparked this. Does eating satsumas, a Hershey bar, and a few oatmeal cookies make you have upset stomach, indegestion, or diarrhea? Sitting at my computer, jamming to some Springsteen, and checking out the latest sports news seems to be a good cure for whatever is messed up inside of me. Will you take a ride with me through the hottest sports news? Maybe it'll be as therepudic for you as it is for me at the moment...

Is there anyone in the NCAA more deserving to win SI's Player of the Year honor than Tyler Hansbrough, of the #1 UNC Tar Heels? Hansbrough is one of the hardest working, most driven, and toughest college players today, and that possibly is why he won the honor over 6'10" freshman, Michael Beasley of the Kansas State Wildcats. Beasley averages more points and rebounds per-game, but despite his valiant efforts night in and night out, his team is still 18-10 and outside the Top 25. Hansbrough has led his team to a 28-2 record, and a share of the top spot in the ACC--the conference proclaimed for as long as I can remember, the best in the NCAA. There is a mold that Hansbrough embodies, much like the recently retired Brett Favre. Favre is the face of guys who play the game with kid-like enthusiasm. He's labeled as a gunslinger, and a grizzly veteran in recent years. Hansbrough shares that persona with Favre, as he's seen as the craziest guy in the NCAA. The hardest working, toughest guy around, who has no problem with contact--whether he's iniating it or taking it. The 6'9" Junior has scored over 20 points in his last nine games, as his Heels are set for a Saturday matchup with rival Duke. The first go-round was in the Dean Dome, as the Dukies flat out outplayed the Heels, despite Hansbrough's gaudy numbers. The rematch will be held in front of the Cameron Crazies as the Heels look too close out their regular season with a big win. Look for Hansbrough to be the X-factor.

The most recent developments in the Clemens - MacNamee case is this: MacNamee and his crew have asked the residing Federal judge to throw out Roger Clemens' defamation suit and his lawyer. The motions were filed in the U.S. District Court in Houston Tuesday, as Rusty Hardin was included in them. Hardin is Clemens' lawyer, and the reasoning from MacNamee for him to be thrown out of the case is because he represented Andy Pettitte in 2007. These devlopments surround the recent order from Congress to the FBI to investigate whether Roger Clemens lied under oath last month. This soap opera continues to get stirred up, as new faces appear, and mud gets slung. However this pans out, I wonder what the ramifications of it will be. How will the result of this case affect Major League Baseball today, and in the future...if at all.

With a win over the New Jersey Nets last night at home, the San Antonio Spurs now share a spot atop the Western Conference standings with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Spurs are riding a win streak of 10 games, which includes victories over Toronto, Cleveland, New Orleans, and Dallas. The Lakers are fresh off a 13-2 record in the month of February, and have opened up March with wins over the Mavericks and the Kings. In both of those games, Kobe Bryant came up huge. In the OT win against Dallas on the 2nd, Kobe dropped 52 points, and then last night in Sacramento Kobe put up 17 points in the 4th quarter on route to a 34 point night. Things are looking up for both squads as the Spurs have had Tony Parker back from injury since February 21st--going 7-0 since--and the Lakers are still scoarching hot with both Gasol and Bryant leading the way. The next, and only meeting for the remainder of the season between the Spurs and Lakers is on April 13th, in the American Airlines Arena in Los Angeles. (ABC)

Brett Favre aint the only one retiring. Warren Sapp ended his 13-year career as an NFL DT recently. He posted the announcement on the Oakland Raiders website, stating "I'M DONE!" The 35 year-old Sapp spent the first nine seasons of his career in Tampa Bay, where he won the 1999 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award, and was part of the dominant 2002 team that won the Super Bowl over the Oakland Raiders. It wasnt until 2004 that Sapp became a Raider, and spent his final few seasons there until today, as he's retiring. Quarterbacks everywhere now can take a deep breath and celebrate, as they will now be missing out on Sapp's beatings and trash talking. Later, Warren!

Speaking of the Oakland Raiders, guess what they just did. Remember that guy, Javon Walker, who used to play with the Green Bay Packers, and then last season went through a dismal year with the Broncos? Walker just signed a six-year, $55 million contract that includes $16 million in guarantees. That's big money for Walker, as he joins the Al Davis run Oakland Raiders franchise. He'll be taking the spot of Jerry Porter who has moved off to Jacksonville, and maybe, will be receiving the pigskin from this past year's #1 draft pick, Jamarcus Russell. This signing brings a bit of anticipation for actually watching a Raiders game in 2008-2009.

For over a decade, the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Foundation has been celebrating some of the greatest singers, song writers, and producers in rock n' roll's history. 2007's inductee list featured Van Halen, Patti Smith, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, R.E.M., and The Ronettes. This year, the inductees are Leonard Cohen, The Dave Clark Five, Madonna, John Mellencamp, and The Ventures. The ceremony is being held on March 10th in New York City. Any of the artists being inducted had to have released their first single BEFORE 1982, which all have met, of course. This is Madonna's first year of eligibility, and it is no surprise that she's going in as a first-balloter. The name that stands out the most to me is John Mellencamp. The guy has been around for a long time pouring his heart into his music. Singing about politics, life, and anything else that means something to him. He's from a small town, and so am I! Aha!

It's official, Brett Favre after 17 years in the NFL is done. Say what you want about it being a few years too late, but it is still a sad day in the world of sports. The gunslinger that spent 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, winning three MVPs and one Super Bowl, has hung it up, stating to Chris Mortensen via voice mail: "I'm tired..." Since the announcement, practically the only thing being talked about on ESPN, ESPN News, ESPN 2, NFL Network,,, and even our own is Brett Favre. And I guess that's the way it should be. Favre left with it all. He had the records, the love of the fans, an excellent final season...what else could he have wanted? There are many things to think about and reflect on about Brett Favre. One that stands out is where does he stand in the history of the NFL's QB's? Top 10? I'd bet my new truck on it. Top 5? I'd say so. Top 3? Hm...maybe. I'm not sure he's #1 caliber, but I've got to believe that despite his risky, gunslinger ways that have resulted in enough interceptions for 10 guys' careers, he's got to be Top 5. We'll miss you, Brett. Damn, we'll miss you...

Ah, it's 2:05 pm. Time for me to go flop on the couch, and watch some tv. Then again, there probably isnt much on other than Judge Judy and ESPN rambling about #4. Man I miss my X-Box...


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