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My O's bulletin board is set up, my season tickets have arrived, and I can taste the Dippin' Dots already.  Opening day only a month away.  I, like most fans, have been checking the Grapefruit League game reports as frequently as possible to see how my O's are doing.  4-2 as of this afternoon, with lots to look forward to.  Trachsel is who he is; consistent, but not incredible.  He's a dependable guy to have in the middle of the lineup, especially when Loewen can't seem to keep it under control, and I'm glad to have him back.  New closer Sherril reported to look very promising, as does ex-Astros pitcher Albers.  Luke Scott's hot, batting .364, and Adam Jones is hotter, hitting .500.  Even my arch-nemesis Melvin Mora's lit up, and has Trembley praising his work ethic and enthusiasm.  Who would have guessed?

But the real star right now?  Scott Moore.  I saw this guy's first hit in Baltimore in person at Camden Yards, and it was a grand slam against the Red Sox.  He immediately became a personal favorite, and reports are all over the web about how impressive he has been in Spring training.  They've got him everywhere: left, 3rd, 1st, but the most interesting thing was that they're currently training him to play 2nd.  Reporters are saying "utility man," but I'm wondering "Roberts-replacement."  Young, excited, and obviously talented, Moore himself says he is trying really hard to impress, and its working.  Trembley is quoted as saying, "this guy's got the right idea, and he's going about it the right way.  He's definitely getting some attention from us." More Moore, is what I say.

On another note, a student in my class for the last three days has been telling me he's now a huge Astro's fan.  No personal prob with the Astros (in fact, I appreciated the fact that they picked up our trash for us this year), but why would a 12 year old kid in Baltimore who has never been west of Deep Creek Lake choose the Astros for his favorite team?  "Why not?" he said.  WHY WHY WHY?  If you're going to arbitrarily choose a team you have no prior allegiance to, why not at least choose the team of your hometown?  Somewhere, an Orioles ticket rep is crying.

2006 MILS champs Baltimore Blast playing 2007 MILS champs Philadelphia Kixx this Friday at 1st Mariner Arena.  Both teams looking to reclaim the title this year, and it really being in either team's grasp.  Should be a great game. 

On a final note, bought some tix to go see the Nats play the Phillies in May.  Can't wait to see the new stadium, but really can't wait to see Ryan Zimmerman show us why he's the most underrated player in baseball.

Let's go O's!



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