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  I hate blogging and am horrible at it, but I need to say something about a certain hockey player, who has been under the radar for his whole career, and the worst thing about it he is an American,who was one of the youngest captains in NHL history, and is only 6 goals away from his 500th career lamplighter, as well as 27 helpers from 500 in his career, and its a shame that its gonna take that for this guy to finally get reckonized as one of the best ever to lace them up. In my eyes the most underrated player in NHL over the last 12-15 yrs. I do not even know how many years he has played, as I did not even look up his numbers on a year to year basis, I do not need them to distinguish his superlative as numbers do not usually say it all in the life of the NHL, although his are excellent, its not his numbers that begin to describe what this guy has done over the years as a team player. You know who I am talking about yet, of course not, lets go on. He has represented his your country 7 times in internation play and every time was a go to guy, even as a freshman out of college, he was a 4th line forward, in his 1st appearance as an olympian, but quickly became a sparkplug for a bad USA team and became a leader on that team, with his physical & inspirational play. From there he went on to the NHL as a member of the Whinapeg Jets, and in his 2nd season & 1st full season became captain of team. AS a young Finnish player was getting all the ink (and he deserved it Temmu Selanne) my guy was not only the team leader, but was also the team enforcer as he was not only scoring goals but kicking butt also. Do you know know who I am talking about, Yes his name is Keith Tkachuk, in my opinion the best power forward in NHL history, and I watched Cam Neely's whole career in here in Boston. Now I am sure it will be hard for people to believe that but Cam's career was cut short with injuries, and Keith is an animal and is still going strong as he is on pace for a 30-35 goal season. Any pure hockey fan who remembers the World Cup, formerly known as Canada Cup, the 1st year they had World cup Team USA won gold, with the likes of Chelios, Hull, Modano, Leetch, Hatcher, ect, the golden age of USA talent, It was tkachuk who led that team to the gold, with his leadership and scoring touch as well as his physical presence, ask any player who played on that team and they will tell you Tkachuk was the heart & soul of that team. And now with his career winding down, and playing in St louis there is probably no cup in sight, I think its time we give this guy his due, so all you puckheads out there next time Mr Tkachuk comes to your local rink take notice of this hard working tough as nails power forward and thank him for what he has given our great sport of hockey, and stand up and put your hands together for future hall of famer Keith Tkachuk, and maybe he will give you one of his pattened Gordie Howe hat tricks, that he was accustomed to in his younger days when he was beating the snot out of players for the good of his team while still scoring goals. So let me be the 1st to say THANK YOU KEITH TKACHUK.


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