By Sports Instigator, Rich Winter I was flipping around the dial for the early college football games yesterday and I'll be darned, I couldn't find a single game that had any meritorious value to it. I tried watching North Carolina and Georgia Tech, but neither have any regional interest to me. Then I started watching the scores coming down the line and saw a host of top 20 teams playing terrible competition. Alabama 31 - Colorado State 6 - I hesitate to mention this one because I like to see the Mtn. West take a step up...but I'd like to see Fresno or Boise in this game not the Rams. Ohio State 76 - Florida A&M 0 - Boo Louisville 72 - Florida Int. 0 - Boo Florida State 54 - Bethune Cookman 0 - Boo (I will say this about Florida State, mostly so the Colombe Dynasty doesn't come unglued but FSU plays anyone and everyone on a yearly basis...I'll give them a pass because through time and history they have always had a good schedule...but step it up girls or I'm lowering the boom) Georgia 45 North Texas 21 - Pretty good game, North Texas is solid. UCLA 59 New Mexico State 13 Miami 77 Savannah State - BOO, Canes played a great schedule in the 80's and 90's, but not pass..BOO. Washington 56 - Idaho State 0 - Bengals are bad in the Big Sky....let alone Pac-12 Baylor 70 - LA Monroe 0 I get it...Big Schools play a lesser opponent and they get healthy....smaller schools get the crap beat our of them but earn some dough along the way. Watching an interesting piece yesterday that was talking about the NCAA football playoffs next season. Apparently an independent group of folks on a selection committee are going to decide who is in that final four. (This will be bogus, I can already tell...I'm guessing two teams from the SEC make it every year and the winner of the Pac-12 and comes the argument over two loss teams in the premier conferences vs. a let's say undefeated Fresno State team) MONEY. Anyway, I'll give that a rest for a moment...but promise...I'll reconvene when necessary. The point of the piece yesterday was talking about the strength of schedule is supposed to weigh heavily in the determination of who gets into that final four. It better! I can't stomach the upper-echelon teams taking a week off like that. I wouldn't mind seeing Florida State play a Connecticut but Bethune Cookman, c'mon man? Football is physical, and I can't believe the schedule some of these SEC teams play. It's brutal, but so is the Florida International coaches begging the Louisville officials to keep the game clock running in the second half yesterday. Step it up FBS


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