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Wow! Week 3 NFL Sunday is in the books and there were certainly a few very surprising, downright shocking moments that have NFL fans scratching their heads and some fan bases ticked off so let's get right to it and recap and react to week 3 in teh NFL in "the stack" for today, Monday, September 23:

 Baltimore 30 Houston 9

No Ray Rice?  No problem. The Ravens took it to the Texans who are very puzzling on offense.  Arian Foster is a shell of himself and Andre Johnson can't stay healthy.  The Ravens were slow to start out, but were sparked by a punt return TD.  Baltimore may be starting to get things going.  The Texans need to figure things out and quickly.


Carolina 38 New York Giants 0

One of the shockers of the day! It's not just that the Panthers beat the Giants It's that they beat them so easily.  It's as though the Giants never got off the bus.  150 total yards of offense? Pathetic!! The Giants do this every so often, but they're close to burying themselves a hole that they won't be able to get out of.  Cam Newton played phenominal and the PAnthers need to take this momentum into the bye week and channel it so that they continue to play this well throughout the year.


Cincinnati 34 Green Bay 30

The Bengals started out hot only to see the Packers rally with 30 unanswered points.  But the Bengals had their own rallying cry, rattling off the final twenty points for the win.  Both defenses were up to the task of trying to stop the opposing teams' offense forcing four turnovers and scoring a defensive touchdown.  The Bengals defensive score was the game-winning score.  Big time for Cincinnati.  The Packers meanwhile have a few things to figure out.  Aaron Rodgers had a rough afternoon.  That is the exception, not the norm.


Dallas 31 St. Louis 7

Through two weeks, we've wondered just how good the Cowboys are.  The Rams made them look pretty good.  Dallas finally made a concerted effort to run the ball and guess what? It worked! DeMarco Murray was sensational rushing for 175 yards and a touchdown.  That makes this offense that much more difficult to defend.  The Cowboys need to do that every week.  Maybe the Rams are worse than we think.


Cleveland 31 Minnesota 27

Stunner of the day.  The Browns, who traded away their franchise running back just days ago and were starting a third string quarterback, somehow beat the Vikings in Minnesota. Weren't the Browns giving up on their season?  Brian Hoyer was pretty good at quarterback for the Browns.  Apart for a few series in the second half, he made tremendous throws.  Don't what the Vikings are doing, but they need to figure it!  Just remember what I said Friday about the Vikings.  Should we be surprsied?  I would know about the game, because I was there.


New England 23 Tampa Bay 3

Thursday night against the Jets in week 2 was rough for Patriots wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins.  Yesterday was much better as he scored two touchdowns as the Patriots handled the Bucs easily.  Tampa is not a good team.  This is the type of game the Patriots needed.  They have to keep pace with another AFC East team so this was a good win.



New Orleans 31 Arizona 7

Thought Arizona's defense would keep them in this game a little more.  Then again, thought the offense would do a little more.  Is there a better combination in the NNFL today than Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham?  They are lethal.  Graham had 134 yards and two touchdowns.  That's difficult to stop.


Tennessee 20 San Diego 17

The Chargers looked like they the game won, but give credit to Jake Locker who made a great pass to Justin Hunter with fifteen seconds left for the game-winning touchdown.  After looking for Eddie Royal a lot in the first two games, Philip Rivers only found Royal twice.  Need more from those two if the Chargers want to win more games.


Detroit 27 Washington 20

For the first time ever, the Lions have gone into DC and won.  They've beaten the REdskins!  Once again it was a rough day for RGIII, who struggled early and had a costly fumble.  He continues to look rusty and the passing yards are skewed.  The Redskins are definitely in some trouble.  Detroit won without Reggie Bush.  That's really good.  MAtthew Stafford had a really nice day throwing the ball.


Miami 27 Atlanta 23

The Dolphins took a huge step towards legitimacy yesterday with their win over Atlanta.  Big last minute touchdown throw by Ryan Tannehill.  You wonder if the injuries Atlanta suffered on both sides of the ball cost them this game.  They need to get healthy so they can get back to being the Falcons of last year.


New York Jets 27 Buffalo 20

Relentless pressure by the Jets defense made life miserable for EJ Manuel and the Bills offense, yet thanks to self-inflicted wounds like penalties and Rex Ryan's challenge decisions, the Jets kept Buffalo in the game.  Buffalo isn't ready to take that next step it appears and the Jets got one of the few wins they'll get this year.


Seattle 45 Jacksonville 17

If you're a betting person and bet on the Seahawks to beat the Jaguars by more than twenty yesterday, you're very happy.  Thanks Jacksonville for being so bad.  Russell Wilson had a nice day with four TD passes.


Indianapolis 27 San Francisco 7

Back to back weeks now that the 49ers have been popped in the mouth.  This time though was rather stunning.  The Colts defense frustrated Colin Kaepernick all day and played phenominal as a unit overall.  And the ground game finally came alive for the Colts with Ahmad Bradshaw having a good rushing day and new back Trent Richardson rushing for a touchdown.  Look out for the Colts.


Chicago 40 Pittsburgh 23

When your defense forces five turnovers and scores two touchdowns, you're not going to lose many games.  That's what Chicago did and that's why they won.  Pittsburgh simply is not a good team this year.  Fortunately, they play the 0-3 Vikings next week in London so they should win that one.


Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos 8:40 PM ET ESPN

Terrelle Pryor will make things interesting for Oakland, but there is simply no way he can keep pace with Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense in this one.  The Raiders could be in for a long night.

Prediction: Broncos 41 Raiders 20


Coming up Tuesday: MNF reaction, NFL power rankings and other top stories in sports


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