Explore other aspects of your lives, Washington Redskins fans. Find a new hobby, meander into your local library and check out some books maybe something about art history or Galileo. Go to the hardware store and think of ways you can spend your Sunday from now until December.

You have plenty of Sunday time on your hands now. There is no reason to watch Redskins games anymore this season. They have lost their first three games and have no chance of making the playoffs.

This is the perfect scenario if you really think about it. For too many years you have been stuck in a rut watching this team on Sundays hoping they would one day become really good again. But that spikes your anxiety and makes Sundays more stressful. Sundays are supposed to be a day or rest but they are not for you. Now you have nothing to worry about. There is no reason to get worried if they will win. Because even if they do, starting 0 and 3 puts them so deep in the mud they will have to perform a miracle to make the playoffs. And we all know the Redskins don't have a flair for performing miracles.

You've probably been thinking that maybe it's time to stop obsessing about this team wasting three hours every Sunday watching them play. In the back of your mind you've thought that your lawn needs some upgrading. This fall is your chance to explore that endeavor, become Gary or Gretchen or Grant Green Thumb.

Get some fertilizer, grass seed, and Peat Moss this Saturday. When the Skins game starts on Sunday, spread that stuff around your yard in every nook and cranny. Start with the fertilizer, then the seed, then the Peat Moss. The Peat Moss goes in the garden, not on the grass. Don't worry what the purpose of Peat Moss is. Nobody knows. It's a horticultural scam.

Break a sweat, shed a few calories, think about the air you're breathing, wonder about nature and who created it. Don't put on your portable radio outside so you can hear the Redskins game. This will sour your mood. Better to keep the day pure, just you and the lawn having a bonding experience.

Once that's done, go inside and read a book. I suggest one you've always been curious about such as Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities. These are tomes you were assigned to read in high school or college but never did. You skimmed the Cliff Notes and notched a C or D on the exam. Now is the time to fix that past indiscretion, to right that wrong. You have the time, the rest of the football season.

This football season allow yourself one indulgence. If and when the New York Giants are on TV, check in on that train wreck once in a while. It's as much fun to watch them lose--actually more so-than to watch the Redskins win.

This is the football season you've been craving and needing. Embrace and treasure it.





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