Notes from the North

Last week was such a disaster for your humble prognosticator that he doesn't even want to talk about it. Ugh...

So on to this week's NFL picks:

St. Louis over San Fran: Bad pick. The 'Niners will rebound and the Rams are ripe for the picking. That San Fran team is too good to lose three in a row. (1)

Baltimore to beat Buffalo: The Ravens revamped defense is hitting its stride and, as much as I like what the Bills are doing to rebuild, it won't be enough. Especially when the Baltimore offense starts putting things together. (15)

Cincinnati over Cleveland: Yeah, there's a lot of feel-good going on in Cleveland after its big post-Richardson win over Minny. But the Bengals are on the verge of establishing themselves as a power, on both sides of the ball, and they won't lose this one. (8)

Detroit to beat Chicago: I hate making this pick. I like Marc Trestman and what he's doing in Chicago. But the Bears have been too fragile in their wins to date and, against a good Lions team with a strong pass rush, that fragility will cost them. (2)

Houston over Seattle: A gut pick. The Texans are smarting from last week and feel they have something to prove to all those who are now saying that they're over-rated. And things have been coming too easy for Seattle, who are in for a flat game. This is the one. (10)

Indy over Jacksonville: The easiest pick of the week. Indy with Richardson is better than a very good Colts team without him. The Jags? Yikes. (14)

KC to beat the Giants: Let's just say, the Chiefs defensive front will maul the Giants tattered protection for Eli and the game will be decided there. (9)

Minny over Pittsburgh: In London. Should have been a classic but both teams are struggling. I say the Steelers still haven't figured it out while the Vikes are too solid from top to bottom to continue to lose winnable games. (7)

TB to beat Arizona: I don't trust the Bucs' offense but their defense is off the charts good. They'll win a close one. (11)

Tennessee to beat the Jests: Don't like the Jests. The Titans, meanwhile, are better than they've been given credit for. (6)

Oakland to beat Washington: If Pryor plays, this is a reasonable pick. If not... uh oh. RGIII, with his injury, has been downgraded to RGII. (3)

Denver over Philly: Oh man, those Broncos are good on both sides of the ball. And that Philadelphia blur offense doesn't worry them one bit. (12)

San Diego to beat Dallas: Home pick. Too reasonably good teams playing well. (4)

Atlanta to beat New England: The Pats have been winning tough against decent teams. Atlanta is better than decent. That Falcons offense explodes here. (13)

New Orleans over Miami: If I had to pick right now, I'd say we'll see the Saints and Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. Miami is building a nice little season but it's not enought to beat New Orleans at home. (5).


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