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To clear up a few points...

We have several tweaks to Group Mail that will be going live some time on Monday.  These should address most of the concerns that people are having.  Amoung the changes will be:

1. Fixes to the read status issues in User Mail and that Blog shares are showing as T&R shares.

2. There will be a count of group mail in the header.  Usermail will show first, followed by Group mail...example: (1/19)

3. Any group message older than 12 hours will display as read.

Group Mail is now a Bulletin message, so there is ONE message that everyone views...that's why you cannot delete them.  In a future update to Groups we are considering allowing Group Admin's to remove messages.

Previously, if you sent a message to a group, you also recieved it.  This did not change with the update that was made.

FanMail has been the default communication tool on the site because there hasn't been any other tool.  We are in the process of creating sevearl tools to improve communication across the site.  Due to several performance and system issues, we needed to change how group mail worked or face a serious site wide issue.

Some of the things we are working on to improve communication (All of these are in development, so they are subject to change, but wanted to let you know what our goals are):

Overhaul to Groups - Improving and adding several features to the group page, and giving group admins more control.

Overhaul Blogtracker - Having blog tracker alert the user when a new post has been made in a tracked blog.

Overhaul the My Groups page - Allowing group alerts to appear a very specific communication tool for group mods.

Possibly creating a Throwdown tracker - This is in early stages, can't promise anything at this time.

We appreciate all the feedback people have given, and understand that a change like this can be very frustrating.  It's frustrating to us as well.  In an ideal world, the feature would not have been rolled out until more of the improvements were in place...but due to the site wide issues mentioned, we needed to roll this out ASAP.

If there are specific issues, or problems please leave a comment here, or email me at

All questions, feedback or problems will be addressed quickly.

March 18, 2011  06:10 PM ET

I don't know.....

March 18, 2011  06:11 PM ET

Answer me this. Why was PimpyLooka banned?

Answer me this. Why did CowboyDave die?

March 18, 2011  06:13 PM ET


March 18, 2011  06:13 PM ET


March 18, 2011  06:13 PM ET


March 18, 2011  06:13 PM ET


March 18, 2011  06:13 PM ET


March 18, 2011  06:13 PM ET

Your commentWhy?

March 18, 2011  06:16 PM ET

All right then, why?

I want to know why my friend CowboyDave had to die?

March 18, 2011  06:22 PM ET

My friend cowboydave died days after my friend buddy died. My buddy was my closest friend and was my companion in lows and highs and was at my side everytime of the day. And then cowboydave died and left me in tears and stranded me ..... I can't explain the pain I felt for cowboydave and for my Buddy....... I miss my Buddy and cowboydave......

March 18, 2011  06:23 PM ET

I cry.......

March 18, 2011  06:27 PM ET


March 18, 2011  06:27 PM ET


April 15, 2011  08:41 AM ET

Why does my avatar pic keep being deleted as well as my pics in my profile?

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December 22, 2012  06:43 PM ET

why is cuntcheese better than FN support ?

Because you have at least an outside chance of interacting with cuntcheese if you try?

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