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Anthony E-is out.

Hey everyone,

As you all know I am now an employee of Cincy's show, and an interviewer. So without further adue, I give you #...7....G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony E. (AE): Hey G.O.A.T, and welcome to the show! Thanks for taking the time to participate in this interview.

G.O.A.T (G.O.A.T): Yeah sure haha.

AE: Ok let's begin then... 

AE: How did you get started on FanNation?
G.O.A.T: I saw the letter in SI written by the editor and decided to
join the site. That was probably back in late April or early May.
FanNation sounded like a cool place to be. Back then, however, I was
known as The MVP on the site. I have since then changed my name to

AE: So what's your proudest accomplishment on FanNation?
G.O.A.T: There are a couple things that would be up there but being a
two-time Tournament Throwdown tourney champ would have to be the best.
I defeated Super Squirrel and NCshvDavid in my two championships and I
had fun the entire time. It was great competition.

AE. You seem to like basketball. Are you good at it, or just enjoy the sport?
G.O.A.T: I'm actually good at it as well. I'm the point guard for both
my school team and my local AAU team.

AE.What do you see the Tar Heels and Blue Devils doing in the NCAA Tourney?
G.O.A.T: I see both having a chance to get to the Final Four, but
neither will win it all in my opinion. Duke doesn't have the big man
play to get far and UNC is struggling at the point guard position. I
mean, how healthy will Lawson be when he comes back?

AE. 115 blog posts? 4645 comments? 42 Throwdowns? 302 Friends? 7140
views? Those are pretty great numbers, add that to an SIFS membership,
and that's pretty darn good. Any comments on those numbers and how you
got there?
G.O.A.T: Haha, I did it through hours spent at a computer. I read
everything I could, commented on it, blogged about different things. I
try my best.

AE. I see you also have a blogspot. Which do you prefer FanNation or blogspot?
G.O.A.T: Blogspot for a couple reasons. You can save drafts in the
middle of writing. It's easier to keep track of past blog posts.
Finally, you can edit and format your posts a lot easier.

AE. Do you consider yourself HOF material?
G.O.A.T: I would hope so. But, of course, that is up to the voters to decide.

AE. Who's your best friend on FanNation?
G.O.A.T: It would be impossible to choose just one so I'll take the
entire Atroo Grou. Guys like Cole, Mac, Erwin, Cooz, Mike, DJ,
Cardsox, the noobs, chrono, and LOS have been of tremendous help to me
on the site and in real life mentoring.

AE. 08 election choice?
G.O.A.T: Definitely Barack Obama. Sadly, I cannot vote.

AE. Your top 5 bloggers on FanNation?
G.O.A.T: This is a tough one. There are so many fantastic bloggers on
the site to choose from but here goes...Josh, BSchwartz, Dan, Mac, and
RUGator. Denis and AdamLee were just outside the top five. I'd like to
think that I belong somewhere in that top five though.

AE. What overall do you think is the biggest issue on FN, and how
would you change it?
G.O.A.T: The number one issue right now is the FanMail. If they would
just change it so you can tell which group mail you have read and
which you have not read it would be so much easier. The only other
thing that would be nice right now would be a Live Blogging feature. I
think Josh already proved that it is very possible to have a
successful live blog.
AE: Well that pretty much wraps it up for today's show. Thank you, G.O.A.T for your time!
G.O.A.T: Thanks for the interview, Anthony. Talk to you later.



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