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  Their are many needs for the Denver Broncos in the Upcoming season. This Mock Draft will break down the needs of the Denver Broncos and when they will try to aquire them.

Round 1                                                                                                                                             

Desean Jackson- The only recievers on the Denver Broncos i can see making an impact is Brandon Marshall, and Brandon Stokley, with the addition of Desean, the Broncos can have an explosive return man, and a speedy reciver who the Broncos haved lacked since the bust know as Ashley Lelie.                                        

Round 2                                                                                                                                           

Kenny Phillips- with an early second round draft pick the Broncos can aquire Kenny Phillips, this was a hard choice seeing that the Broncos have other needs. The Broncos desperatly need a athletic, physical, good covering safety. The Broncos have lacked that since Steve Atwater. Lynch is a excellent safety he just does not bring the puch and passion that he once had in Tampa Bay. With Kenny Phillips the Broncos wont have to worry about TE's getting monster gains because of our lack of speed and agility at safety.                                       

Round 3

No third round draft pick. Traded to the Jaguars for moving up in the Draft to pick up Jarvis Moss.                

Round 4                

This pick is reserved for a DT- One of the best DT's the Denver Broncos can get at this position is Red Bryant out of Texas A&M, based on the top 100 draft prospects. But thier are many more Dt's the Broncos could be picking up so this pick is based purely on what the Broncos can aquire at this round. With Marcus Thomas being a steal in the 07 draft last year because of his behavior off the field, the Broncos could be looking to do the same thing and aquire a DT late in the round.

PS- The Broncos are know for aquiring very good players late in drafts- for example Brandon Marshall, Marcus Thomas( even though he has not got a real good time to showcase his skils, he did end up as a starter by mid- 2007 season. The Great Rod Smith was undrafted! Look at the numbers he put up. You can't forget Terrell Davis he was a 6th round draft pick pick number 196, and what is he now you ask, the Broncos all time leading rusher. He is also a analyst on Nfl Network. These are just a couple out of a long list. So the late rounds are very important to the Dener Broncos and it would be hard for me to just pick out players specifically this late in the rounds.

Round 5 

The Broncos need an OT after the Matt Lepsis Retired this year, this late in the round you can find good. players especially if you are the Denver Broncos. Eric Young would be a good fit to protect Jay Cutler. Young was part of a group that only allowed 4 sacks in 2007 with Tennessee. He is also physical and strong and uses his strength to overpower DL men. This is a vague thought though, the Broncos probably will go in a different direction with an OT but I am just giving the idea of what the Broncos will probably do in the 2008 draft.

Look for the Broncos to be aggresive in the 2008 nfl draft. After saying that they will not focus on free agency too much and focus more on the NFL Draft this year. The Broncos are looking to get younger and better this upcoming season and it all starts in the Draft. 

Later in the rounds you can be looking for the Broncos to pick up a no-name Running Back as they did with Selvin Young, to fit in Denver's Zone Blocking Scheme. It would not supprise me if we picked up Tashard Choice out of Gerogia Tech. He is physical and we have spoken to him. He said he would be a "good fit" for Denver's Zone Blocking. He is on youtube if you want to see how he performs.                  





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