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Now as most of you know, I have not been on here at all for about a month so I missed all of these NBA rumors. I would just like to thank the Cavs. Yes, thanks again. Thank you for ruining my dreams. Why could you have not just got LeBron Jason Kidd? WHY?! Then, my 2 favorite players of all time would be playing on the same team.

Anyway, I guess I will put in this blog my top 7 favorite NBA players of all time and why I like them!

1. Jason Kidd! Jason was my first favorite player ever and for every basketball team I wear either the number 5 or 2 numbers that equal 5 like 14 (1+4=5). Jason was my inspiration to pick up a basketball and he will always be number 1.


2. LeBron James- Oh goodness how I despise bandwagon fans. I have loved all Cleveland teams all my life. All of these LeBron (woops... I mean bandwagon) fans should go find your own team. No offense to any troopers like me who lived through years of disappointment with Cleveland.

Michael who? Well, whoever he is, he has NOTHING on LeBron.

3. Scottie Pippen- I remember my first time playing an NBA video game. I shot with Pippen EVERY time. I was very young back then and had NO idea who any of the players were, but I instantly liked Pippen. Don't know why so don't ask me, but it really stuck.

4. THE PISTOL PETE MARAVICH- You people on this site make me mad sometimes. Pistol is without a doubt the best PG of all time and revolutionized the game of basketball. People make top 5 PG of all time list and leave the PISTOL OFF!?! That's just ignorance of the man and the incredible things he has done for basketball. Never in the history of the game was there a man more determined (calm down Jerry West) or a better ball handler.

5. Alonzo Mourning- Remember when I said Kidd made me pick up a basketball? Well, without Mourning, I would be just another kid who puts up 8 points and lives with the fact that his opponent scored 15. I model my game after Zo and averaged 2.6 BPG last year. I held a kid who averaged 18 PPG to 0 over the entire game. I CONSTANTLY practice my defense and rebounding timing. I give ALL of that credit to Zo for showing me defense is the most important aspect of the game.

6. Jason Kapono- I liked Kapono BEFORE he won his 2 3 pt shootouts. Ever since he was a Cav I knew he was great. He played for my 2 favorite teams (Cavs and Bobcats) so for a while he was moving up on the list to top 5, but his recent teams disappoint me. He is great though.

7. Shaq- How can you NOT love Shaq? Most dominating center of all time and funniest player in the NBA. He is all about helping other people too. HIs show, Shaq's big challenge, that helped overweight kids in shape was great. Not many people in the NBA are that caring of other people like Shaq is. He really has helped a lot of kids and is a great person.




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