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It was one very exciting week for Celtic, what with the Bhoy's exit from the Champions League at the expense of Barcelona and the Scottish Cup battle against Aberdeen. There have also been recent stirrings over the possibility of Celtic and Rangers moving to the English Premier League. Let's get started.

Jan Saves the Day at Pittodrie

Today, Sunday the 9th, Celtic traveled north to face Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup Quarterfinal, with the winner going on to play Queen of the South from the 1st Division.

The game was a thrilling one, complete with plenty of tackles and shots on goal from both sides. Celtic started Paul Hartley and Evander Sno at midfield instead of the usual Massimo Donati and Scott Brown, who was serving a suspension, and Darren O'Dea and Andreas Hinkel were in for Mark Wilson and Lee Miller in defense.

Celtic played well throughout the game, hitting the post on three occasions until Jeffrey De Visscher put Aberdeen ahead in the 79th minute.

It looked as if Celtic were going to be elimated from the Scottish Cup with the same scoreline as their game against Barcelona on Tuesday, but Jan Venegoor of Hesselink had other plans.

Hesselink leveled in the 90th minute to keep Celtic's Scottish Cup hopes alive, bringing the replay to Celtic Park in the upcoming weeks.

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Celtic to Play in the EPL?

Recently many people have brought up the possibility of Celtic and Rangers, the two biggest and most successful teams in Scotland, making the switch from the Scottish Premier League to the English Premier League, a tougher and more popular league worldwide.

Many soccer fans have considered this to be a good idea, as it would improve the play in the EPL or are curious how these teams would do.

Sepp Bladder, leader of FIFA, along with myself, think that this would be a bad idea, however. This switch could be very harmful to Scottish football and the SPL. The situations in the UK are a delicate one, and one of the main reasons that Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland each have their own national teams but remain part of the UK is because they have their own seperate leagues.

If Celtic and Rangers, the two moneymakers of the SPL, were to switch to the EPL, it could have possibly negative reprocussions. The SPL haven't commented on this to my knowledge yet, but they're probably against it, as these two teams heading to the EPL could be catastrophic to the SPL, possibly causing it to cease from existance. The switch could also cause problems with national teams or politcal problems, and I think this alone should be reason enough for the switch not to happen. I'd love to see how Celtic would do, but the negatives outweigh the positives greatly.

That's it for now. I'll be back later with more updates.


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