Hey everyone. Or the few people who actually do read what I write. I love writing and hopefully if my "5 step plan" to become a baseball player does not work out, I have a backup plan. Why not write about sports for SI or ESPN or somethin. It gives me great pride that somebody people(hey there couch potatoes) are reading this. I love sports a lot people. My friends always enjoy reading and commenting on what I say and rite about sports at school.

If you've been checking out my main group, Ur Typical Fans, you'll notice that my best friend in life, patsnotsox, has joined fannation. Please give him some sympathy and read his writing. EVen though I may strongly disagree with him sometimes, he still is my BFF. For some reason, that sounded girly to me.

Right now, my Boston Red Sox are going strong. Two world series championships in this decade and hopefully more to come with such a talented group of young players like Clay Buchholz, Jacoby Ellsbury, the first player of Navajo descent, Daisuke Matsuzaka and hot prospects such as Justin Masterson and a whole lot of others. This young bunch was named the 2nd best farm system. I give all this credit to Theo Epstein and the front office of the Boston Red Sox. According to Baseball America, this is what the 2011 Red Sox will look like.

Catcher: Mark Wagner

First Base: Lars Anderson

Second Base: Dustin Pedroia

Third Base: Kevin Youkilis

Shortstop: Jed Lowrie

Left Field: Ryan Kalish

Center Field: Jacoby Ellsbury

Right Field: Josh Reddick

Designated Hitter: David Ortiz

No. 1 Starter: Josh Beckett

No. 2 Starter: Clay Buchholz

No. 3 Starter: Daisuke Matsuzaka

No. 4 Starter: Jon Lester

No. 5 Starter: Michael Bowden

Closer: Jonathan Papelbon

All these players are either top prospects for the Red Sox or already on the team. Unless things change within the organization, it seems like the Sox are going to be stacked for a long, long time.

I'd also like to comment on Brett Favre retierment. Favre had a career season last year even though he was quite old. It was amazing to see a man of his age playing a young man's game fo football. He played over 250 consecutive games. Brett got all teary when he announced his retierment. Aaron Rodgers said soon after that he is not Favre. Is Joe Flacco and option for the Green Team? Rodgers has been somewhat inconsistent when he has played. But he hasn't proven himself because Favre has played so many consecutive games. We will all remember number 4.

In the truth and rumors section, it says that the Phins' are leaning toward Matt Ryan of BC. I think this would be a greta pick for the Dolphins. For those of you  thinking that he is the next Ryan Leaf, shut the f*&k up. This guy lead BC to National Championship contention at midseason, leading them as high as the number 2 spot in the BCS rankings. He has an NFl sized body., something that last years Heisman winner Troy Smith did not have, which is the reason why he was picked in the late rounds on the second day. Ryan had to work with mediocre talent at BC. Many of his interceptions were tipped by the not blue chip Wide Reciever talent at BC and then was intercepted. That stat is a little misleading. Then, if you get SI, you would have read the article on the combine two weeks ago. They were raving about Ryan's Professionalism and was comparing his professionalism to some no-name guy named Peyton Manning. Who the heck is he? So you Ryan haters, shut up.

I'd also like to comment on the Sam Cassell to Boston move. This guy, who looks like a fifty year old because he has no eyebrows, will really help Rajon Rondo and the young players like Big Baby and Kendrick Perkins, who by the way has had 4 staright games with double doubles, develop. This guy brings a massive amount of leadership and expierence. Everyone knew that he would be in Boston by the end of the season someway and somehow.

Hoped you enjoyed this blog peeps!!!!


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