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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     You know, when I created this group I stated that one of the many topics I would deal with is "sports media". By that, I meant radio and TV. I didn't give much thought to online media.

     This past week, I've had a crash course on the subject.

     Unlike my usual musings on this site, this is gonna be short. And, to the point. If you're new to FN, read this VERY carefully. You can learn from we "lifers" on here.

     In addition to this group, I personally run 3 other blogs on here. I'm also a member of numerous other groups...2 of which I blog for, but didn't create. This story is about one of those 2 blogs, and the headaches that go with being "upper management", as it were.

     Like most of you, I'm a huge NASCAR fan. ("Gibbs Racing..." is one of the 3 I run.) So when I saw "An Active NASCAR Group", I felt like this is one group I can relate to. In due time, because of my writings across FN, I was made an administrator of the group.

     If I had only known...

     I should mention that I had considered joining the "Real NASCAR Fans" group, and found that it was private. I had sent an FanMail to them, asking to join. I never heard back from them. Their loss...

     Long story made short: for the past week, we who belong to the "AANG" group have been subjected to (without question) the most morally bankrupt...and repugnant..."Swift-Boat"-ing campaign I personally have witnessed in the 6 months I've been part of FN. Engineered, in fact, by members of (wait for it)...the "Real NASCAR Fans" group.

     OK, I told myself, we can certainly find some way of resolving this problem diplomatically. Little did I know the past 24 hours sort of torpedoed THAT train of thought.

     It began last night, with a board left on our group site by someone calling himself REP OUT. I read it, and it left a stench in my mouth I'm still trying to wash out. If you've followed along with the right-wing lies directed towards Barack Obama...well, this board pretty much repeated them.

     Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was led to believe FanNation is a social networking site for SPORTS FANS only. Politics has no place here, IMHO. Needless to say, REP OUT...OUT!!!

     Ah, ladies and gentlemen, that's NOT the end of the story. When I came online an hour ago--and checked out our group page to see what I'd missed from overnight--what do I find in our Locker Talk, but a missive directed towards one of our fellow administrators, accusing US of racism. Left behind by someone called Reaper, it speaks volumes as to what the real message he wished to send was: "Kill Whitey".

     I live in Virginia, and NO ONE has to tell me what I...a half-blind, middle-aged white male...know about race relations in this country. Some of our members in the "AANG" happen to be black, BTW. We certainly aren't color-blind.

     Kind of makes me think that this "Real NASCAR Fans" group is private for a reason, wouldn't you agree?? Yet, perhaps the mods aren't aware of that fact...though no fault of their own, I might add. They can't be everywhere, I know.

     I've tried to say this, but we're all NASCAR fans here. But when somebody attempts to play the "race card" on a sports social networking site--wrongly, I may add--it's Fannation that's the biggest loser. As the newbies will learn from me, privacy is something I take deadly serious...whether it's my personal privacy, or the privacy of any group I belong to on here.

     If this still does not satisfy anyone, well...that's YOUR problem.


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