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Welcome back to the best thing going on Fannation, folks. I can see you're clearly a wise and discerning reader, and I thank you for making this your blog of choice. We got a lot of good stuff to talk about this evening, but let's get it started by wishing you a very merry National Drink a Beer Day today, September 28th. If you're reading this later in the week, or going through the archives, well then, rest assured I'm doing my best to drink a beer for you today, so I guess now you owe me one. Now then, onward to the best blog on Fannation, shall we?

So we are here at MLB playoff time, and I have to say, the 1-game WC playoff just isn't quite fair. It's got to be a best 2 out of 3, doesn't it? I mean, this is baseball right? Even the worst team in history won 40 out of 162 games. Basically any one day any team in baseball can beat any other team, but over a series of games, the best team generally rises to the top. I can only hope the WC games are exciting, close games, that both teams will have chances to win. It seems to me like taking two marathon runners (and it doesn't matter who finished ahead of the other) and have them do a 100-yard dash to see who the winner is. I just don't agree with the format.

Jim Delany has the right idea. I don't care much for college sports, and in particular the Big 10, who seem to me - and I'm like Pluto in the solar system of college football fans - not even a real one and very, very distant - that the Big 10, B1G, whatever, is an extremely overrated conference in general. But I like this guy's idea, a lot. There absolutely should be a minor league system in place for football players who want to get paid. I think a real minor football league would surpass amateur college football within 10 years. But hey, that's just little old college football hating me talking.

It looks like the government is going to shut down. That's too bad. Probably the world economy is going to collapse now. The historic phone call between the POTUS and the Iranian president was first announced on - the Iranian president's Twitter feed. Xbox vs PS4? I don't care if the NSA knows I posted this, but I'm still using the "icognito mode" on Chrome (is that the Spy vs Spy guy up there on the top left?) They built a nose on a man's forehead. They really did.

Have fun and drink good beer. No really, don't drink that cheap garbage. Drink really good beer and you won't ever regret it.

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September 29, 2013  09:11 PM ET

I wonder if that comment will hold up? you know, because you criticized the President.

Which can mean only one thing... he's racist.

September 29, 2013  09:44 PM ET

Glad to see you're back. Hope the $3.49 I sent for your Legal/Bail fund came in handy.

This blog right here, is why I read your posts.

Thought provoking Baseball topic.

Interesting dialog about a "feeder" system.

And excellent beer drinking advice.

You're like the Greek dad of FN!

September 30, 2013  02:32 AM ET

Glad to see you're back. Hope the $3.49 I sent for your Legal/Bail fund came in handy.This blog right here, is why I read your posts.Thought provoking Baseball topic.Interesting dialog about a "feeder" system.And excellent beer drinking advice.You're like the Greek dad of FN!

Wait! There was something besides pics in this blog????? I need to reread it, again and again. :o)

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