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So as you've probably noticed, I did my little video segment at Duke/UNC this past weekend, graduating from College Football Tour Guy to just Tour Guy. What does this mean? Well actually, not too much, I'll just be filming at events other than football, but also football come this fall. Not too complicated. I'll be doing a few more of these over the course of the spring, so if you like the videos, come back and watch them, if not, well, there's always cheerleaders, actual writers, and funny links, so it's win-win. Anyway, Duke/UNC was my first time on the Duke campus or in Cameron Indoor, and as much as it pains me to say that I liked my Blue Devil experience, I liked my Blue Devil experience. I took some shots during the trip of my time in Durham, so lesgo:

The drive over. I'm pretty sure there isn't an actual Tobacco Road, so this shot was taken somewhere around the Duke campus. You'll notice the freedom to take pictures while the car is moving, this is because Casey assumed all driving responsibilities as it'd be more than fair to say I struggle with new directions. The people of the Triangle seemed relieved.

We stopped on the way at The Q Shack - really, really good Texas BBQ. If there was one food theme of the weekend it was hush puppies. You can't go anywhere in Durham without people serving you hush puppies. Essentially, it's just fried sweet dough, but who's turning away fried sweet dough? Not I.

Two dollars an hour to park at Duke. I was hoping for valet service from Cherokee Parks. I miss that guy.

Does this sign stay up all year? Do people get confused on campus that don't know about Duke basketball? So many questions with so few people caring. Sorry.

Casey shot in the rain, like the dedicated camera guy he is. There's no glory in getting wet to get decent shots for this dopey segment. He literally works for hush puppies. 

First in line to get tickets. Looks like they saw Duke miss all sorts of shots against UNC with a way better perspective than everyone else. Woo!

The #21 tent wrote "D-Marc" on their tent because they share that number with senior DeMarcus Nelson. During the game, the Crazies chanted, "D-D-D-D-Marc" over and over again because news of the whole "First Letter-First Syllable" nickname thing being lame never made it to Durham. No excuses now, Durham.

An air mattress making its lonely voyage across the filthy Kville lawn. If they did a Room Raiders at Kville, I have a feeling the blacklight would just explode.  

The Duke Sports Hall of Fame. Sadly, no sign of Josh McRoberts anywhere.

I don't know who Len Baker is, but it seems like somebody could've painted a happier portrait. Unless, of course, you just don't mess with Dr. B.

One of the all time great Danny athletes, and I've been keeping track. He's also one of the all time greats that looked like he was in his mid-30s as a sophomore in college. 

Mad hops yo.

Cameron is TINY. I have no idea how it seats as many as it does. I can't tell what Casey's thinking about here, my guess is hush puppies.

We took a dinner break and went to Bojangles. I contend that the name is slightly racist, but honestly, that's just good fast food fried chicken. You can't be politically correct and hungry at the same time. A tip - definitely get both the BBQ sauce and the honey mustard. Ok, no more free advertising to the millions that read this thing.

Back to campus. Why, it's Coach K and his wife giving their annual pre-UNC speech! Is Coach K lame for saying that he shows a highlight montage to his players set to a song from Dreamgirls? Is his wife for saying that students shouldn't use an opposing player's name in a chant because that shows respect? Uh... yes, yes they are.

Free pizza! Huzzah! We filmed like 10 straight minutes of kids rushing out of Cameron for room temperature Domino's. Why did we film this? I have no idea, it seemed like a good idea.

Supposedly, this guy (middle) got arrested and missed the game. Honestly, it was probably for the better.

Powerful shot of Casey. This should be his new Facebook picture, but sadly it isn't. Some people just don't know top-notch photography when they see it.

Crazies acting crazy pre-game. It hurts so badly to say it's the best student section I've seen. Meh.

I was trying to get a shot of the scope of the student section, but just ended up flashing on some guy's forehead. And Erin Andrews. I sadly have no dirt to report, she looked nice, although pretty skinny. Nothing a visit to Bullock's BBQ can't solve.



Casey has told me he has written a "Truth Blog" or a true behind the scenes blog exposing me for who I really am to the world. He didn't send me the link. Typical.

Edit: Here it is. It has a good name. Most of it is slander. Enjoy

New photos in a couple weeks. 



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