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Ok I just read the story over on about steroids and the havoc they are wreaking on today’s culture. I find this to be a little far fetched. I know there are going to be people that completely disagree with me and opinion about the juice, but I honestly don’t care at this point.

Here is what I don’t get, if you aren’t taking it and you don’t play sports, why do you care what some guy you don’t know puts in his body? I look at it the same way I look at marijuana, if that’s your thing, and you're not in my face with it, by all means get as smoked out as you want. Steroids are even more like this to me. Please my friends on here explain to me how this affects any of you on a personal level.

Don’t give me it will hurt the kids, the argument doesn’t fly with me, I've seen allot of kids do allot worse than juice, alcohol destroys more lives than juice, but for most drinking beer is a right of passage.

I generally hold back my opinions on touchy subjects, opting for the more sarcastic and OSU based topics, but this has become so utterly over blown, I couldn’t stop myself. I feel like if it is something you choose to do and it doesn’t hurt anyone, then hurt away its only you that really loses...

Now I have been around, seen, and even thought about taking steroids when I played ball. To all those people that say it ruins the purity of the game, I say F you, money and greed ruined the purity of the game a long time ago! People will always find a way legal or not to get ahead, I saw many top tier athletes take these drugs, most of the time not to get huge or gain massive weight, but to recover faster and go longer during workouts. Taking steroids alone wont make you a #1 pick, they will help you become the best you can be. Talent, hard work and coaching make you a #1 (well that and media). I'm not condoning the use of steroids, but geeze people, it’s not crack and it’s not causing wars...

There are bigger problems facing this country and sports other than steroids. I would get into it, but I would only get more angered.

All I'm saying is can we look at this in the whole grand scheme of things? If you don’t want kids to do steroids, don’t put them in a position to get them, be smart explain the difference between right and wrong. I think that’s part of the problem these days, no one wants to take the time to educate people about life decisions. My parents taught me right from wrong, I made mistakes. I learned. 

Some of my closest friends did juice to get to the league, I'm not mad at them for it, if that’s what you choose to do, then that’s on you, right or wrong. You may say what about all the guys that could have gone if they wouldn’t have cheated. I say booo whoooo, you want it bad enough you get there by any means necessary. Make no mistake, pro sports is a business, you are meat, you aren’t human, they don’t care about your wife, kids or dog. They care about results and if are willing to give them results at any cost, they most of the time will look the other way, or find someone who can give them results. Sad but true.

Drugs are bad, mmkay. Steroids are not whats wrong with the world, or sports....they aren’t good, but just like weed, is it really any of your business what Johnny does with his free time????

Keep your eyes open, steroids aren’t the problem, they are the lead story and the scapegoat, just let it go.  

To summarize:

1. Educate 2. Understand 3. Use at your own risk...

and I apologize, after reading, this wasnt my best work....


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