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The NBA season has it full-stride and this one of the best years in recent memory.  One of the brightest stories this NBA season revolves around one of the league's brightest young stars, Dwight Howard.  The 21 year old Howard has single-handedly re-established the importance of having a dominant big man.  On a nightly basis, Howard destroys the competition as evidenced by the his career high averages in points and rebounds  At times throughout the season Howard has faced quadruple teams, yet continuously rises up and dunked on all four as if they were leprechauns.

Howard, simply put, may be the most athletic big man in the history of the NBA.  When Shaq was young he possessed a combination of speed and power that was never seen before.  Howard trumps the young Shaq in both categories.  Young Shaq, though he was powerful and quick, always looked as if he could potentially become heavy-set and slowed.  Dwight Howard is a 7-footer who is chiseled like Bruce Lee, has shoulders as wide as the Bay Bridge, the aggression of Ronnie Lott, legs as solid as Sequioas, and the leaping ability of Dominique Wilkins.  Simply put, Howard is a "Manster" (sorry Randy White, but you're no Manster) among men.  Look at his stats from yesterday.  39 points, 16 rebounds, 5 blocks, 15-20 from the free throw line, and 9 dunks!  That's an old school box score line.  Somewhere out there Moses Malone is smiling, if Moses does smile. 

Howard's effect is larger than his stats.  For years, swing players and guards have become the poster children of the NBA and the dominant big man was a thing of lore.  However, any GM would be nuts to say they'd rather start a franchise with Lebron, Wade, Kobe, or some other shooting guard or small forward as opposed to building around the demi-god Howard.  Howard is physically superior to everyone in the league and he plays aggressively.  His power demoralizes and intimidates opponents.  His speed and youthful energy wear out opposing defenses.  Howard is the next stage in humanity.  He probably doesn't even need to eat or breath like Superman, but he does just to make the rest of us not feel too horrible about our puny existences.  His feats are so amazing that if they were not captured on TV fans would be talking about him like the mythical stories of Josh Gibson, Mickey Mantle, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jim Brown.

"I once saw Dwight Howard dunk while Yao Ming was riding on his back."

"Oh yeah, I heard Dwight Howard can palm a wrecking ball."

"Dwight Howard's shoulders are so cut that you can see all of his veins even when he wears thick wool sweaters."

"Dwight Howard can throw a basketball 115mph."

"Dwight Howard curls Shaq for a cooldown."

"Dwight Howard punched Godzilla in the neck and Japan just named him emperor."

The stories can go on and on.  It's refreshing to see someone so dominant in a sport, and to think he's only 21.  What will this kid become when he reaches physical maturity around 27?  He'll probably end up 8 feet tall, weigh 475 pounds, and have 4% body fat.  One caution to you Dwight, don't rest on your laurels.  Look what happened to the last NBA Manster (Shaq) in his later years because he didn't keep working hard.  The FlyMaster official has a Manster crush on Dwight Howard and is going to get Howard's name tattooed on his ankle to prove it.

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