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Matt Schaub is killing me. How do you throw that ball with just over two minutes left in a game you are leading against one of the toughest teams in the league? How do you throw off your back foot, under pressure, into a crowd?

My whole week turned on that throw. I had Houston for 10 points and most of the others in my pool went with Seattle. Schaub eats the ball and takes the sack... and I don't tumble down another 13 spots in the pool after four weeks.

Yes, I was 8-7 overall but nobody did that well. A Houston win and I'm good for the week.

So now I'm mired in 65th place in a 69-person pool. I'm 70 points behind the leader and I scored the lowest total in week four of ANYONE in the pool with 59 (out of a possible 120).

To make matters worse, the guy who is in 64th place in the pool, one point ahead of me? He forgot to submit his picks one week. So, with only three weeks of points, he is STILL AHEAD OF ME!

These really are the World's Worst Football Picks. Here goes for Week 5 of the NFL:

Browns over Buffalo: I love the Bills. I love what they did to Baltimore. But they're not going to be able to count on five interceptions every week and they certainly aren't going to get them against a conservative Cleveland team that is feeling good about itself and playing at home. (9)

Chicago to beat New Orleans: I have faith in Marc Trestman. And I can't see him allowing Jay Cutler to have two terrible games in a row. On the other side of the ball, New Orleans has been playing lights out and are ripe for a down game. (4)

Cincinnati over New England: Vince Wilfork. New England will miss their awesome defensive tackle more than any receiver they've let go. Wilfork allowed the Pats to employ small but speedy linebackers to cover the pass while leaving the run to the front line. No more. The Bengals will show just how vulnerable the Patriots defence now is. (2)

Green Bay to beat Detroit: The Packers are at home, coming off the bye. They've had a week to prepare and to get mad about their previous game. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Lions will be a push-over. That's a good club they have going there in Detroit but Green Bay will win this one in a close game. (7)

Indianapolis over Seattle: Upset of the week. The Seahawks were gifted a win last week against Houston but, instead of thanking their lucky stars, they talked about how great teams win games even when they're not playing well. That's called Hubris, my friends. And they'll fall this week to an increasingly confident Colts team. (6)

Miami to beat Baltimore: I'm not confident in this one. Both teams are coming off tough losses. The Dolphins' confidence might be crushed after the Saints tore them up. But I say it's not and I say the Ravens' problems are deeper than we thought. (1)

Philly over the Giants: A tough game to call, involving two underachieving clubs. Making it even more difficult is the fact that the Eagles' defensive problems are going to be on the field facing the problem unit for the Giants, their offence. But I always pick against a team that can't protect the quarterback. (8)

St. Louis to beat Jacksonville: The Jags are a mess. (14)

Tennessee over Kansas City: Another tough call. But Alex Smith finally turned the ball over last week and Tennessee's defence is ready to put even more pressure on him and the Chiefs' offence. (5)

Carolina to beat Arizona: A hunch. Nothing more. The Panthers put it all together two weeks ago against the Giants and they've had a week to prepare. (3)

Denver over Dallas: Who can pick against the Broncos after that awesome overall performance against the Eagles? The Cowboys are playing well but, seriously, can anybody stop that amazing Denver attack? And the Broncs' D is pretty good too. (13)

San Diego to beat Oakland: Philip Rivers has been reborn. He's throwing the ball as well as anyone in the league and the Chargers are suddenly dangerous. The Raiders? Well... they're improving. (12)

San Francisco over Houston: See above. I simply do not trust Matt Schaub in the clutch. And the 'Niners can create a lot of pressure. (10)

Atlanta to beat the Jests: Hey Matt Ryan, why did you keep trying to throw against Talib? He had your guys blanketed. Go somewhere else. Anywhere else. Fortunately for the Falcons, New York has no one like Talib anymore. And Atlanta may just try to run the ball from time to time. (11)

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