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Do you ever notice how some of the most hilarious and fun Throwdowns are the ones that aren't even discussed in the comments? Maybe not? Here's a Throwdown where people took the concept and made it funny; What is the most difficult thing to do in sports anyway?

This will be a 4 part blog series, as there were over 128 comments. Just like you do with Here's Your Sign, (Next edition will be forthcoming) vote on your favorite, and we'll have a semi-final between all 4 nominees and a winner at the end. Believe me, this might be tough as we have some creative people on here.


1. Hit a full-court hook shot?

2. Go drug for drug with the Cowboys of the 90s?

Artesty, aren't we? 

3. Get your teammate Ron Artest out of the crowd?

4. Convince Travis Henry or Sean Kemp to use a condom?

5. Eat more in one sitting than Babe Ruth?

6. Spend money worse than Dan Snyder, Al Davis or George Steinbrenner?

More Hardcore O's fan than Gu3 and Ravensfan! 

7. Convince an Orioles fan they have a good team?

8. Get Mike Vick a dog walking job?

9. Convince a Cubs fan there really is baseball in October?

10. Get Mike Vick a Purina endorsement deal?

11. Get rid of Jessica Simpson... just ask Romo

12. Have Madden not mention Favre every other word?

13. Shooting a one timer in hockey while moving on your skates.

14. have the NBA Draft lottery get won by the worst team?

15. Go undefeated in a season and win the championship!

No More Blogging for you Oso!

16. Keep Mark Cuban silent for an entire Mavericks game.

17. Testify in front of Congress and speak proper English?

18. Have Brett Favre not throw a pick when the game is on the line, in overtime, in the playoffs, at home?

19. Play water polo while keeping the horses from drowning?

20. Remember what your hat size used to be pre-1997?

Trash the Skins, Cows, and Gints!

21. Root for the Cowboys in the Upper Deck of the Linc?

22. Wear a Red Sox jersey in the right field bleachers of Yankee Stadium?

23. Earn enough money to attend an NBA game?

24. Catch a pass from Rex Grossman? While NOT playing defense for the other team?

25. Earn enough money to go to the new Cowboys stadium

If you're Nappy and you know it clap your hands 

26. Watch a WNBA game and not think if a bunch of nappy headed... nvm

27. Convince Shaun Rogers to become a vegetarian?

28. Grady Jackson returning a missed field goal 109 yards for a TD?

Go Dukies Baby! 

 29. (as a fan) watch an entire NCAA game with Vitale on the mic without using the mute button

30. Losing to the Dolphins?

31. Playing hockey when they forgot to freeze the ice?

32. Play a game at Heinz Field without drowning?

Slippery Willie 



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