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Nickb23 - Holland has arrived!

First off, I would like to thank all of your for your quick joining of this little group of mine. Second, thanks for joining the tourney. We have a nicely sized 24 man tourney. If you had a first choice I believe you got it. As the tourney wears on you will have to do other sports as well. For Round 1 we have 3 mini 8 man tourneys. I left out NCAAB because I am going to have a tourney for that next week. It will probably run together with this one. But I think it can be awesome with the brackets available to argue.

Rules for all tourneys...

1. If you just put your pick in the first arguement that is your choice, but I think everyone should try to take advantage of all 3 arguements. It makes for much better discussions. Stat your case. If someone just lists a name and you want to argue on your turn, I say... go for it.

2. My Options for TD's are just a suggestion, if you have something better, tell the person you are against or me. I will add it to the list.

3. First person will always send the second person their choice. Second will start the TD. TT does this and it makes for much better and evenly matched TD's. If you are the one sending, you can send your idea instead of one of the options. Keep in mind they get to pick what side they want to argue.

4. If you forfeit a turn, it is understandable(life happens) but please explain why? at some point in time. I want this to be fun and if you feel defeated then forfeit, don't just let the clock run down and hope for votes.

5. Lets argue boys, cause I am getting twitchy!!!


the_mannekin vs. NYFAN07

A throwdowner named NCshvDavid  vs. Stauff Nation

Super Squirrel vs. Analytical

Super Squirrel was victorious

KG fan wants 50 wins vs. LIFER: Proof is in the Pudding

LIFER will be moving the next round

1.Mock Draft 1 through 5 but who the first 5 teams SHOULD draft.

2.Who has had the best off-season?

3.Who has had the worst off-season?

4.What free agent will have the single most impact on his team?

5.Biggest surprise NEXT YEAR in the NFL

6.Biggest Bust of the 2006 draft so far

7. Did the Texans draft the right player?( Mario, Reggie, Vince, someone else)


Da Masta*BS/NMI: 150 friends! vs PhillyEagles36

philly eagles pulled off the squeker and completes the NBA final 4.

dudeman ST21 BS-CB NIU vs #7 G.O.A.T.

dudeman will be moving to round 2.

dwade82697We'llMissYouBrett!ST vs thehemogoblin CB BS ST NMI

thehemogoblin has advanced to the second round

0x NBA/NFL Champion vs nickb23

Ox NBA/NFL dominated nickb23

1.Lakers lose, Spurs lose! Who wins the West?

2.Pistons lose, Celtics lose! Who wins the East?

3.All non All-star team

4.Biggest Bust of the 2005 NBA draft so far

5. 10 active players who will go to the hall of fame.

6. Other than Oden and Durant, who will be the best player of this years rookie class?

7. Jason Kidd or Jose Calderon? RIGHT NOW


Cowboys-Celtics-ChiSox vs Cincy is Emeka Okafor

CCC will move on, as it appears Cincy kicked the habit for the weekend.

dyhard is Michael Redd vs Blue Hacket 45

dyhard moves on

Paddy26*BS B-Day St. Pats Day vs rstowe *BS/CB

Paddy26 wins as rstowe realizes he is a tool and forfeits.

Porkins vs League of Shadows-YES WE CAN

1.What 5 players would you pick to start a team

2.Bottom nine, up 1, what closer do you want?

3.Bottom nine, down 1, who do you want at the plate?

4.Who is the best catcher in baseball

5.Best outfield

6.What team made the worst trade of the last 10 years

7. Barry Bonds ball with the asterisk, is it good for baseball?

As I stated if you have a better topic, feel free to do it. I tried to come up with good stuff but it isn't as easy as it appears, at least to me. Because I think my opinion is always RIGHT, so sometimes I can't decide if something is actually debatable.  HA HA. 


1. Does He Hate ME?


1. King me!! Is it always the right call?




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