Four Things That Are Grinding My Gears Today

Hitless in Seattle?











While spring training has gone on quietly with odd surprises as usual (Red Sox in last and Rays in first) something else is odd, and its not normal, and many Seattle fans hope that its just a fluke. Yes, this has to do with none other then former MVP, Rookie of the Year, and 7 Time Gold Glove winner Ichiro Suzuki. Believe it or not, this guy forgot how to hit. No Joke, In 7 games this Spring Training Ichiro has 21 AB's, and take a guess how many hits he has in that period? Not 10, not 5, not 3, not even 1! Ichiro is an astonishing 0-21 so far this spring training. I wouldn't panick, but it is something to be conscerened about considering we are talking about a guy who has hit 200+ hits in each of his first 7 seasons as an MLB player. So what is the deal behind this guy? How does a guy with a career .333 batting average forget how to hit? Maybe he is just getting bored and this is a way to keep him, and things interesting.

John Daly Would Rather Get Drunk then Play Golf

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Ok, well this really shouldn't surprise anyone, but it does Grind my Gears. In a recent report, Daly's [just] former swing coach, Butch Harmon told media what he thinks about JD. "My whole goal for him was he's got to show me golf is the most important thing in his life and the most important thing in his life is getting drunk." Now personally I don't feel that the most important thing in Daly's life should be golf, but it sure as hell shouldn't be getting Drunk. I'm not lying when I tell you right now that John Daly's career on the PGA Tour is endanger, not because he might get kicked off, no, but because he is beginning to dwindle to a point where he isn't good enough, and if he continues these poor life habits, he may end up dead. This is a guy who has a self admitted gambling problem, is clearly an alcoholic, and lights up a cig on national television in nearly every tour. Hey, I know this will sound terrible, but as of right now, its true: IF a 300 pound alcoholic, gambling addict, who smokes can be a professional golfer-without having to score under 80 very often-then there's indeed hope for the rest of us.

Rays and Yanks Go At It, Have Bench Clearing Brawl

This is most definatley not good for baseball. The last thing we need is to have bench clearing brawls in spring training games. Just one day Joe Girardi promised that his club would not retaliate for the home-plate collision in Saturday's game against the Rays, both clubs spilled onto the field at Progress Energy Park in a bench-clearing incident this afternoon. Shortly after Yankees starter Heath Phillips was ejected in the first inning for grazing Rays third baseman Evan Longoria, the Yankees Shelley Duncan lifted his foot high as he slid into second. In what appeared to be an apparent attempt to "get at" the Rays, Duncan's slide opened a good wound on TB's Aki Iwamura. Jonny Gomes then rushed in from the outfield and pushed Duncan, which led to the spring training bench clearing brawl. In the heat of the moment Gomes, Duncan, Yankees third-base coach Bobby Meacham and Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long were ejected following the incident.

Beijing Makes Foolish Pormise for Summer Olympics

The picture that I posted above is actually a joke, but it is however what members of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics are promising. They told members of competing countries not to worry because they would have the air quality problem fixed by the time of the games. Of course this is all coming from  a country [China] that currently has 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world. No offense China, but its hard to take you seriously in this matter. Closing down factories and stopping double shifts is not going to make enough difference in bettering the air quality. Athletes, especially runners, have already told their countries that they won't be attending opening cerenomies, and instead traveling to Beijing at the last minute, just before their event begins. The reason for this, to hope to avoid the thick layer of smog which you could probably cut up with a lumberjack's chainsaw. The athletes that will have it the worst? That is probably non other then the Marathoners. I myself am a runner and when I ran in Los Angeles and New York for the first time, I found it very hard to breath on a simple 8 mile run, never mind that of a 26.2 mile race in smog conditions at least 3 times worse then that of LA's. Fact in the matter is we will probably see more athletes this summer then ever coming home from the games and not being able to train as normal because of the poor health they will be in.

Im leaving you today with a nice picture of a heineken beer bottle christmas tree. Very creative!



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