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If you think about it, I do have a point. You see, if there was ever a guy named Dee Roberts, his nickname would obviously be D-Rob. Derob is basically the same thing as D-Rob. Therefore, he would be called bored, except spelled backwards. Poor guy. You see, my name is Paddy. Paddy spelled backwards is just yddap. Just yddap! No one can make fun of Paddy, unless they spell it forward and call me Patty (a girls name) or Paddycakes. You see, I was named Paddy because I was born on Saint Paddy's Day (hence the name). I am not ashamed. You see, I get bored on this site. A lot. You see, that is why I wrote this blog. I am bored as bored can be. So I feel for Dee Roberts, who is a fictional person. You see, I am going to attempt to turn this into a real blog. So, what is up with those Fave-5 commercials with D-Wade and Charles Barkley. Those things are trbl. The first one ("Is this your dad?") was funny, I give you that. But after that, they went downhill. Dwyane, you silly goof ball of a fool, you will never get in his 5. You will not sink the putt! It has nada to do with the hat! But then, they throw you off and put Wade in Chuck's 5. But when Dwyane starts getting annoyed, he should just say, "All right. You are frickin annoyin, Chuckie B. Cut the crap, stop calling me." Its that easy! Speaking of D-Wade, I hope he joins the Bulls. He might be able to bring them to a championship! You see, I am but 13, and I have not witnessed a championship since I was 4 and didnt care about the Bulls yet. Just the Cubs. Barkley spelled backward is yelkrab. I wonder if Chuck, that crazy ridikolous trbl knucklehead, has ever yelled, "Crab!" That would be fulfilling his name expectations. How bout them Rockets? No, they will not get past the 2nd round of the playoffs, but this streak is amazing! Rafer Alston, who knew! Just got MLB 08 The Show. All you music fans, best song on there is "In the Fade". That ZZ Top song is good too. The game is glitched, though. You get like 20 hits a game and 2 runs. Here is the creepiest song of all time: Mama by My Chemical Romance. Listen to it on YouTube. Damn, I hope the Cubs win a World Series before I die! Damn, I hope the Bulls resign Gordon and Deng! Damn, I hope Devin Hester scores 1 billion TDs this year. I idolize people who are consistently good TDers. I can TD if I feel like it, but sometimes Im like Ughhhhhhhh..... I hope I get in one of those lay-up, free throw, 3 pointer, half-court shot contests. No doubt in my mind I'd win. My birthday is 5 days away! Im gonna pee my pants! I wish I had a better blog idea than this! If you are smart, decode this message: I dnt thnk any1 s rdng ths. Flavin. Rhymes with riboflavin. Please dont be mad at me for this blog. You dont know my boredom. Trust me. This would be longer if I had more topics/ideas to write about. Wouldnt it be awesome if there was like an FN Sports Center. 2 anchors, special reports, interviews, TD highlights, interviews, etc. Ill try to get that going. That would be sweet. Leave a comment on this please. Bart rhymes with fart. Im glad my names not Bart. Or Dee Roberts. Mike Fontenot= Future All-Star. You heard it here first. I dont wanna bore you, so Ill finish. All right, if you have read the whole blog, Congrats. You have spent a full minute in my thoughts.


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