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1) In the first quarter there were lots of individual plays, lots of players standing around, lots of scoring. I guess they proved they got some shooters.

2) Ben McLemore had a stat night, might be a good pick for fantasy play this year, but can't win many games running around looking lost. No question the guy has a shot.

3) Marcus Thornton was solid, played calm, steady, one turnover and 11 points. Just a nice game, I did not even know he was there, didn't do anything dumb. No ESPN top ten plays for him, but solid, a guy that will contribute for wins.

4) Biggest disappointment as a new Kings fan (actually a Spurs fan that likes Vasquez) was DeMarcus Cousins. I need help from the fans who know this guy, I'm confused, here what I sort of made up:

He is a center that plays like a power forward who feel he is really a small forward who thinks he can be a shooting or point guard

Did I get that right?

This guy should be posting and getting 15 rebounds a game. Here is where the new minority owner can help. Shaq was a great post man who had great foot work, Cuz has two left feet. Got rhythm but can't dance.

Am I wrong?

5) Isaiah Thomas had multiple ESPN top 10 plays, wow, but he does get himself in trouble by driving the lane and hoping and wishing no one will be there to stop him, if they do he has a hard time dribbling or passing out of the paint. When he picks up the dribble, as he did in most of the turnovers, he is toast, just not big enough to pass the ball over defenders.

Another thing I noticed is that when he bring the ball up he doesn't appears to be looking at the runners, I DVR the game and was looking at some fast breaks in slow motion, he would bring the ball up like the devil and stop, then passed, he missed guys who were clearly becoming open, He had no anticipation. ( at least that night)

There will be a big difference Vasquez when plays the point, he is always anticipating. Vasquez will get guys easy shots going to the basket.

I'm not going to tell you every play is like that, but most of them are. (I'm not talking just pick and roll) If the ball is in his hand and you keep moving he will get you an easy shot. The guy got eyes in the back of his head, (been watching him since college)

I feel Thomas has to be in with Vasquez, the kid is a legit shooter, it could be a great combo, they could switch back and forth, Vasquez can post the hell out of most guards in the NBA, I seen him eat up Kyrie in Cleveland last year, not only is he taller than most point and shooting guards but he also has a longer wing span.

6) Ray McCallum looked good, five assist and one TO and a couple of steals. What do you do with him? Can't ignore the guy. I got a feeling one of this guards is going out of town for good, Who? I don't know, suggestions please.

I know is only the first pre-season but that's my impression. I guess the best way to describe them is to say - they had no flow - I guess that will come.

As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I'm thankful for that.

Enough said.


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