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Anthony E-is out.

Welcome everybody to today's show! My name is Anthony E. and I am your host for today! It's time for our special interview segment of the show, with todays guest Indy......Colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AE: Hey IndyColts welcome to today's edition of Just Ask Cincy!

INDY: Thank you. How are you today?

AE): I'm doing great. You?

INDY:Pretty good

AE: Thats great to hear. So lets begin shall we?

INDY: Yes.

AE: So where do you hail from?

INDY: Southampton, Massachusetts which is 15 minutes from Springfield (Home of the Basketball HOF)

AE: Ah how interesting! Have you ever been there?

INDY: Yes I have. I've been to the old one 5 times and the new one once.

AE: Wow interesting. Who is your favorite player in there?

INDY: That would have to be Michael Jordan or Bill Russell.

AE: Interesting.

AE: Before we start talking about you in regards to FanNation, can we ask you some personal questions?

INDY: Absolutely.

AE: Cool. So do you play any sports?

INDY: Yes, I play baseball, basketball, and soccer.

AE: Wow. Pretty busy with sports I see. Do you have time for any other hobbies?

INDY: Yeah of course FanNation.

INDY: And my blog on

AE: Haha of course, FanNation.

INDY: Well it's a brand new site. I just started working for them this month. There is great season previews on there and throughout the year you can check on anything baseball related. We also sell merchandise. Great site. It is a lot of fun.

AE: That sounds awesome! But it's not better than FanNation right?

INDY: Well it's only blogging so of course not.

AE: Good. *Telling the rioters to put down their pitch forks.* So any ideas on where you are going to college, and do you think you have an idea what you want to do with your life?

INDY: Right now I am narrowing down where I want to go to college. SO far the favorites are Duke, Stanford, Syracuse, and Northwestern.

AE: Great choices! Are you considering playing sports at those schools?

INDY: I would love too but top competition at all. Baseball would probaly be my best shot because other than Stanford the other teams suck at baseball!

INDY: My ultimate goal is to be a MLB GM. I would also like to be a broadcaster.

AE: Great goals!

AE: Haha. You would be an obvious upgrade to any of the other schools!

INDY: I would hope so.

AE: So who are your favorite sports teams?

INDY: I like the Red Sox, Celtics, Colts (As my name would suggest) and Blackhawks for the 4 major sports.

AE: They are all very good. Interesting choices. Why the Colts and not the Patriots since you live in the Massachusetts area?

INDY: Well ever since I was 5 (1998) I started to watch Peyton at Tennessee and I have been a fan of his ever since. I decided I should root for the team with my favorite player on it.

AE: Thats interesting. I get what you mean.

AE: So whats your favorite sports show?

INDY: Sportscenter. Nothing else stands up to it.

AE: I agree. Do you like the rundown bar?

INDY: Yeah it was a great idea by ESPN. I now know if I can walk away for 10 minutes and come back when I want to hear about a specific thing.

AE: Yep, I agree.

AE: You have a choice for the presidency this year?

INDY: Currently Barack Obama. I disagree with McCain on most of his ideas and I can't stand Hilary.

AE: I can't stand Hillary either!!!!

AE: What do you feel is the biggest issue of the election?

INDY: I believe it is either the economy or foreign policy.

AE: As usual right? So onto you and FanNation...How did you get started on here?

INDY: Well I started by looking at the T&R section on SI and 1 day I just decided to sign up for FanNation to comment on the articles. Little did I know that there is so much more on it.

AE: You'd be surprised how many people took that path on here. Did anyone kind of mentor you or show you around on here, or did you wing it?

INDY: Well at the beginning MH7king and I kind of learned a lot from each other. Then I met Krobe and I think he is just a great guy. Other than that though I winged it

AE: Krobe is a good guy to know on here for sure, as well as MH7king.

AE: What is your proudest accomplishment on here?

INDY: Well I think it would be beating Goodell in my second throwdown ever.

AE: That's pretty good.  What is your favorite group and blogger on here?

INDY: My favorite Group right now would probably be NBA Nation. My favorite bloggers are RUGator, JHova, and of course myself.

AE: Nice choices. What do you think is the biggest issue on here?

INDY: Currently we need to be able to delete fan mails in the group mail section. Mine is up to 20 pages.

AE: Definitely, I agree. Well anything that you would like FanNation to know about you that we haven't mentioned here? Like a cool fact about yourself?

INDY: I know more about sports as a whole than anybody I know.

AE: That’s a bold statement to make on a site like this haha. Well Indy, time’s up. Thanks for taking the time for this interview.

INDY: Thank you for having me!

AE: It was my pleasure!




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