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Dwayne Harris looked great on special teams today, returning a punt 86 yards for a TD and a kickoff for 90 yards to set up another touchdown, a ridiculous floated on a busted play where Romo escaped a sack and threw a gorgeous pass right into rookie Terrance Williams' open arms. The defense, while not exactly spotless as a unit, was effective enough, mainly because Jason Hatcher was a disruptive force all game long. Hatcher finished with two sacks and a forces fumble among five tackles and applied constant pressure in Washington's offensive backfield, not surprisingly considering he has been Dallas' best defensive player this year. What the deuce is happening with the Texans? I don't even know what to say other than they can't blame Matt Schaub for today's debacle. Personally I don't case because Arian Foster is finally providing elite fantasy points regardless, but it's kinda weird how Houston just imploded overnight, and so spectacularly. Not surprised Jacksonville kept it relatively close against Denver; that spread was ridiculous, a farce. I'm assuming the Jaguars were fired up about the utter contempt Vegas showed them in making Denver a record setting favorite. I would've been insulted, had I been a Jaguar, at any rate. For all you Kansas City haters saying Alex Smith isn't good enough to take the Chiefs anywhere meaningful, I say you are looking at it all wrong. It's not about Smith; it's all about that nasty defense. Three interceptions and ten sacks in a win over Oakland today as KC moved to 6-0, one of only two remaining undefeateds along with Denver. Also Chiefs' fans set some kind of record today for crowd noise, breaking the Seahawks' fans' record set earlier this season. 137.5 decibels, if you're interested. Not sure how much all that 12th man crowd noise stuff really helps but it cant hurt. The Vikings should be worried; they just got pounded by an extremely shaky Panthers team and in the process an already muddled quarterback situation got even muddied, and not in some kind of "hey, all three of our QB's are so good I don't even know which one to start" good way. No, it's a "wow... all three of our QB's might be tied with each other as the NFL's very worst QB" kind of bad way. Seahawks' players should all start donating a portion of their game checks to Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman, because those two players have basically been winning games all by themself. I can't think of any other team so dependent on remarkable plays from their very best player on offense and defense to win, and certainly not as consistently as Lynch and Sherman do it. Seems like every week now those two are carrying Seattle to another win. Not gonna lie; I didn't think the Patriots had a chance today against New Orleans. I ended the game wondering how I let myself doubt Brady. That dude is more capable of making something out of nothing than any other QB I have ever seen on a consistent basis. Obviously Manning has stats that will amaze you but he also has a truckload of weapons on the offensive side of the ball. Brady doesn't. Which is more impressive? I'll leave that one open for interpretation. I can't honestly answer it because I don't know. The 49ers are a confusing team because of their roller coaster-like peaks and valleys. San Fran is largely inconsistent but they looked very good today against a touch Cardinals defense. Kaepernick and Vernon Davis made several huge plays in the passing game and Frank Gore, the NFL's most consistent player (IMO) yet one of the least flashy, provided a stabilizing force for San Fran to subdue the Cardinals with.
October 14, 2013  12:45 AM ET

Why doesn't the blog maintain my spacing format anymore?

October 14, 2013  12:46 AM ET

Ran out of a desire to type but I'll probably add more regarding the other games tomorrow.

October 14, 2013  12:47 AM ET

Not that anyone reads blogs anymore but I like to fatalities this stuff for future reference. Usually makes me laugh looking back on how narrow minded my incorrect opinions were at the time I wrote them.

October 14, 2013  12:48 AM ET

Fatalities? Auto correct is going all old school Mortal Kombat on me


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