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The Stack is here on this Thursday ready to talk playoff baseball and some NFL so let's not waste another moment and get right to "the stack" for today, Thursday, October 17:

Dodgers outlast Cardinals

The Los Angeles Dodgers needed a win to keep their season alive and they did just the help of the long ball.  The Dodgers hit four solo homeruns, two of them by Adrian Gonzalez as they beat the St. Louis Cardinals 6-4.  The two teams head back to St. Louis with the Cardinals leading the series 3-2.  Zach Greinke was on the mound for the Dodgers and got into trouble early, a bases loaded jam with no outs.  A strikeout and a double play helped get him out of the inning.  While he did give up two runs in the second inning, he was clutch when the Dodgers needed him to be.  Now they hand the ball to ace Clayton Kershaw for game six.  I like their odds that they can win game six.  The two teams have an off day today and will resume play on Friday.


Tigers knot up series with Red Sox

A series dominated by pitching finally saw some offense last night.  Unfortunately for Boston Red Sox fans, most of that offense came from the Detroit Tigers.  Detroit put up five runs in the second inning, but they shouldn't have put up that much if Dustin Pedroia could have handled a ground ball that would have helped the Red Sox turn a double play.  They only got one out and instead of one, maybe two runs in the second, the inning continued and the Tigers scored five.  Tigers pitcher Doug Fister did his job and was in control for most of the night.  The Red Sox tried to rally a couple of times, but couldn't quite get it all going.  The Tigers won 7-3 and the series is now tied 2-2.  This series has been great and it will continue to be great with pitchers like Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and John Lester seeing the mound or likely to see the mound again.  This series is going the distance I feel.  Game five is tonight at 8 PM ET on FOX.


Jim Irsay continues to talk

Ever since the interview with USA Today, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is trying to backtrack, but he may only be making things worse.  He says his comments were taken out of context.  He says people have "negative agendas."  Then he said that he meant the Colts should have put a better team around Peyton.  Open mouth, insert foot Mr. Irsay.  You're only making it more difficult for others to defend you.  To his credit, Peyton Manning isn't biting at taking a swipe back at his former owner.  Good for him.  We would expect nothing less from him.  In case you didn't know, Peyton Manning is making his return to Indianapolis as a Denver Bronco and the Broncos take on the Colts Sunday night at 8:30 PM ET on NBC.


Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals 8:25 PM ET NFL Network

Thursday Night Football returns this week with an NFC West matchup.  The Cardinals played a hard fought game last week against San Francisco and head coach Bruce Arians has made it not secret how much he doesn't like these games.  At least they don't have to travel for the game.  The Seahawks do and the health of running back Marshawn Lynch is in question.  He should play though.  This game will be close.  I can see the Cardinals winning this game, but I like the Seahawks just a little bit more.

Prediction: Seahawks 20 Cardinals 17


Coming up Friday: NFL Week 7 preview and predictions


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