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Wow!  Week 7 in the NFL is almost in the books (MNF tonight, two teams with a combined 1-10 record, whoo!) and what a Sunday it was.  So many good games!  So many fantastic finishes!  It's time to get to some reaction from the wild and craziness in the NFL so let's get right to that reaction in  "the stack" for today, Monday, October 21:

Falcons 31 Buccaneers 23

Someone needed to step up for the Falcons on offense and wide receiver Harry Douglas proved to be the spark with a fantastic first half (140 yards and a TD).  His name may sound funny, but he was all game and the Falcons picked up a much needed win.  Helps when you play the Bucs though who happened to lose running back Doug Martin in the third quarter. Keeps getting worse in TB.


Panthers 30 Rams 15

Apparently these two teams don't like each other.  Rams defensive end Chris Long got ejected for throwing a punch, Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith says he'll punch Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins in the mouth if he sees him on the street after talking trash about his family during the game and there were some big penalties.  In the end the Panthers got the win and are now at .500.  Can they keep it up against Tampa on Thursday night?


Bengals 27 Lions 24

The two best wide receivers in the game were battling head-to-head yesterday and they did not disappoint.  A.J. Green (6 receptions 155 yards and 1 TD) got the better of Calvin Johnson (9 receptions 155 yards and 2 TDs) in the win column thanks to a bad punt by the Lions late and Mike Nugent's game-winning 54-yard field goal.  Bengals play well against the good teams in the NFL.  They are showing that they are the team to beat in the AFC North.


Chargers 24 Jaguars 6

Thought the Chargers could be upset in this one, but once again they showed a commitment to the ground game and Ryan Matthews appears to be reborn with another 100-yard performance rushing.  The Chargers are looking like a possible playoff team.  The Jaguars look like a team destined for the number one overall pick.


Bills 23 Dolphins 21

All of that money the Dolphins spent on free agents this offseason aren't working out so far.  The team made too many mistakes against the Bills.  The Bills defense helped win them this game with a pick six and a forced fumble that resulted in the game-winning field goal.  Bills are playing tough without EJ Manuel.  The Dolphins have more work to do.


Patriots 30 Jets 27 (OT)

Definitely one of the games of the day.  Each quarterback threw a pick six, but it was Geno Smith, not Tom Brady, who made the big plays when they mattered.  Of course, all anyone seems to be talking about is the unsportsmanlike penalty on the Patriots on a missed field goal in overtime by the Jets that kept the drive alive.  One of the players pushed a teammate forward, a violation of NFL rules.  The rule itself is confusing, but that's not the main reason why New England lost this game.  The Jets were better, plain and simple.


Cowboys 17 Eagles 3

Totally didn't see this one coming.  The Cowboys defense came into the game banged up and missing DeMarcus Ware for the first time in his career, but they took it to the Eagles recording three sacks and getting three interceptions when rookie Matt Barkley came into the game for the injured Nick Foles.  Foles was awful in this game.  It's somewhat shocking how bad they looked.  The Eagles also have a nine game losing streak at home.  Ouch!  Big win by the Cowboys.


Redskins 45 Bears 41

One of the other games of the day.  A day filled with offense, RGIII actually looked close to his former self from last year.  The Bears defense had no answer for him or the rushing attack in general.  Plus they lost Jay Cutler with a groin injury and he could be out a while though we'll know more later today.  If he's out for an extended period of time, the Bears could be in a lot of trouble.  The Redskins still have a little ways to go, but they look like they are on the right track to turning their season around.


49ers 31 Titans 17

Heads up to the rest of the NFL.  Watch out for the 49ers.  They have realized that getting the ball in Frank Gore's hands yields results.  That and the 49ers defense is looking awfully good.  They handled the Titans pretty easily in this one.  Didn't think Jake Locker was going to play in this one, but he did.  Admire the guy for coming back after that bad hip injury a few weeks back.


Packers 31 Browns 13

Browns were game and hung around for most of the game, but Aaron Rodgers is just too good.   He helped the Packers pull away from Cleveland in the fourth quarter despite losing tight end Jermichael Finley after he was hit in the head and had to leave on a stretcher.  Clean hit.  Not much that could be done about that.  Packers are losing a lot of players, but they keep winning.  Model of excellence of a great organization.


Chiefs 17 Texans 16

Kansas City was certainly tested in this game, but once again, their defense rose to the occasion in the second half with five sacks.  They also forced a fumble late that sealed the game.  KC is 7-0!  Can you believe that?  Heartbreaking loss for the Texans who lost running back Arian Foster with a hamstring injury and linebacker Brian Cushing for the year with a torn LCL and perhaps a broken knee.  Tough to see Cushing suffer a serious knee injury in consecutive seasons.


Steelers 19 Ravens 16

Pittsburgh now has a two game win streak thanks to kicker Shaun Suisam and a ball-control gameplan.  They've found a running game and aren't making mistakes.  The Ravens made too many little mistakes that stalled drives.  This team definitely doesn't look like they have what it takes to defend their Super Bowl championship.


Colts 39 Broncos 33

In Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis, it was Andrew Luck who was the best quarterback on the field.  He threw three touchdowns and ran for another.  He didn't make a mistake, didn't turn the ball over like Peyton who had two turnovers.  The crowd was a huge difference maker in this game.  They gave Peyton a tremendous ovation pregame, but after that they were all on Luck's side.  The Colts defense rose to the occasion and the Broncos didn't.  Wouldn't it be fun to see these two teams go at it again, either in Denver or Indianapolis?  Have to wait and see what the official word on Reggie Wayne's injury is.  That could be devastating to the Colts if he misses significant time.


Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants 8:40 PM ET ESPN

MNF sees two teams with a combined record of 1-10.  The smell coming from New Jersey isn't just the normal everday chemical smells, it will be these two teams at MetLife Stadium.  The Vikings are on quarterback number three, Josh Freeman, but their biggest issue is the defense.  They have none right.  Embarrassed last week, they will look to do what they can against the Giants, but Eli and company want to get their first win of the year as well.  Two struggling teams enter, only one team comes out smelling less crappy.

Pick: Giants 34 Vikings 27


Coming up Tuesday: MNF reaction, NFL injury news, college football thoughts from the weekend and NFL power rankings.


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