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Well that was quite the embarrassment of a Monday Night Football game last night.  The Stack is here to talk (briefly) about the MNF game, NFL injury news and more so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, October 22:

Giants earn first win of the year

In what very well may have been the worst Monday Night Football game in history, the New York Giants got their first "W" of the year with a 23-7 win over the hapless Minnesota Vikings.  Josh Freeman started at quarterback for the Vikings and you could tell he hasn't been with the team long.  A lot of overthrows, 16 as a matter of fact!  Wide receivers not on the same page.  It was ugly.  The Giants weren't great either, but they were better than the Vikings.  Going to be a long year for both teams, but if you had to pick one team to turn things around, it would be the Giants.


Jim Leyland retires

At 68-years old, he must have decided that it was just time to quit.  Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland announced that after eight years he will not return to next season as the Tigers manager.  He may take on another role within the organization, but after a crushing defeat to the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS, it was enough to hang em up.  Leyland said he started thinking about this decision back in June.  Some may say it's a little hasty and he is still caught up in the emotion of his team's loss to the Red Sox Saturday that ended their season.  However, Leyland has accomplished a lot in his time with the Tigers and turned them into a yearly title contender.  Had Miguel Cabrera been healthy, this season could have turned out different.  Had the bullpen held together a little more, this season could have been different.  It's not though.  The season is done for the Tigers and now they will look for a new manager.  Leyland has managed the Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins (back when they were Florida) and Colorado Rockies and has an overall record of 1,769-1,728.  Baseball is truly losing a great manager and an even better human being.  


Bud Adams dies

Longtime Tennesse Titans (formerly Houston Oilers) owner Bud Adams passed away at the age of 90 at his home in Houston.  An instrumental person in the development of the AFL (he was one of the founding owners), Adams leaves behind a tremendous legacy.  Sure he had some antics in recent years like giving the Buffalo Bills the finger a few years back, but he will remain a big figure in the NFL and especially the history books.  Thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and the Titans organization.


Injury bugs hits the NFL in week 7

So many big injuries hit NFL stars in week 7.  Where to begin?

  • How about in Chicago where Jay Cutler tore a groin muscle and will miss at least four weeks.  That sort of injury sounds like it would be longer than four weeks.  Adding more insult to injury in their 45-41 loss to the Washington Redskins is the fact that linebacker Lance Briggs is sidelined at least six weeks with a shoulder injury he suffered in the same game.  The Bears season could very well be lost as a result of these injuries.
  • Week 7 was also torn ACL week.  Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne tore his ACL in the fourth quarter in the team's in over Denver and will miss the rest of the season.  Wayne has never missed a game, playing in 189 consecutive games.  That streak will end.  Tough to see one of the better receivers in the game miss the rest of the year on a fluke play.
  • St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is also done for the year following his torn ACL he suffered running out of bounds in the team's 30-15 loss to the Carolina Panthers.  Kellen Clemens is the backup quarterback.  Ouch!
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin may be done for the year after tearing the labrum in his shoulder in Sunday's 31-23 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.  That will be a tough injury to come back from if the team wants him to play.  Given how bad the Bucs are and how much dysfunction there is in Tampa Bay, maybe he'll just decide not to come back.
  • Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Leon Hall is done for the year following news of an Achilles tear.  Tough loss for the Bengals secondary, but they have depth back there.  Still. losing Hall hurts bad.
  • And the poor Houston Texans.  First they lost running back Arian Foster with a hamstring injury.  Then linebacker Brian Cushing tears the LCL and breaks the same knee that he tore his ACL last year so he'll be done for the year and now running back Ben Tate says he has four broken ribs.  Thank goodness the Texans have a bye this week.
  • Finally, good news in Green Bay where tight end Jermichael Finley has movement throughout his entire body and is in fact moving around his hospital room after that neck injury he suffered against the Browns yesterday.  Finley has no timetable to return.  Given what his family has said about his playing career already, he may not play again this year...maybe ever.

And in the NBA, Philadelphia 76ers rookie center Nerlens Noel will sit out this year to rehab the torn ACL he suffered last year at Kentucky.  Probably better not to rush something like this, especially for a team that needs stars like Philadelphia.


College football thoughts

What a terrific weekend of college football.  So many upsets!  #8 Louisville went down Friday night to Central Florida.  South Carolina and Georgia, two top fifteen teams each fell on the road to teams (Tennessee and Vanderbilt) they should not have lost to.  #20 Washington got clobbered on the road at Arizona State.  #6 LSU was upended by Ole Miss.  Perhaps not entirely an upset, but #5 Florida State went into Death Valley (Clemson) and destroyed the #3 Tigers 51-14.  This was supposed to be Clemson's game.  Their year!  Not so fast my friends, as ESPN's Lee Corso would say.  

When the BCS standings came out for the first time on Sunday night, there was certainly no argument from me that Florida State is #2 in the poles after that performance at Clemson.  Jameis Winston, FSU's freshman quarterback is something else.  He is the Heisman Trophy leader at this point.  What a performance against Clemson (over 400 yards and three touchdowns).  He knows how to play and be cool, calm and collected doing it.  Alabama of course is #1 as they should be and Oregon is #3.  Think when it's all said and done Oregon will jump Florida State unless Alabama loses.  Then it becomes a matter of if either Oregon or Florida State lose.  It's shaping up to be quite the race to reach the BCS National Championship game whether you like it or not.

Finally, the situation at Grambling State may have died down...for now, but it certainly isn't over.  The players ended their boycott by returning to practice Monday after meeting with university administration over the weekend.  They wrote a letter expressing their concerns.  Their game against Jackson State Saturday was forfeited, but the players were making a point.  Having to pay for Gatorade, Muscle Milk and having terrible facilities to train and lift weights in is unacceptable.  Better practice facilities and equipment certainly are needed, but it's tough for a conference like the SWAC to be able to support these needs when there are other needs some would deem greater.  There is no way the SWAC can compete with conference like the SEC and Big 12 for facilites.  Perhaps it's time the big guys helped out universities in the SWAC and other smaller conferences who aren't fairing so well so we don't have to see a situation like the one that unfolded at a university with as rich a history as Grambling ever again.


Coming up Wednesday: World Series preview plus other top stories in sports.


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