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It's Football Friday and that means it is time for The Stack to make some NFL picks.  Can you believe we're already at week 8?  The season is half over?  Of course, maybe you should start picking against me.  My picks this year stink compared to last year.  An 8-7 week last week makes me 65-42 this year.  Something stinks.  Off to a good start though with the Panthers 31-13 win last night over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what was a very boring TNF game.  Cam Newton played great and the Bucs fans booed their team and hope to get Greg Schiano fired.  At this rate, he will.  Hope the weekend is better.  Let's get right to it and get to those previews and predictions in for week 8 in "the stack" for today, Friday, October 25:

Dallas Cowboys @ Detroit Lions 1:00 PM ET FOX

Another Lions home game featuring two of the best wide receivers in the game, Dez Bryant (Cowboys) and Calvin Johnson (Lions).  The Lions were edged by the Bengals last week and the Cowboys had one impressive performance against the Eagles.  Lions will be the slightly more desperate team and come out with the win, but expect both WRs to get 100 yards.

Prediction: Lions 34 Cowboys 27


San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM ET FOX (London)

London better get used to the Jaguars.  They'll be back next year.  At least two good teams (Cowboys next year) will accompany them to London to give them a thorough beatdown.  There have to be plenty of 49ers and Cowboys fans in Europe right?

Prediction: 49ers 37 Jaguars 13


Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM ET CBS

The Browns have a new quarterback...Jason Campbell!  Maybe they'll see slightly more success, but it's going to be tough sledding against one of the best defenses in the NFL.  Chiefs lead the league with 35 sacks.  They'll get a few more in this one and remain undefeated.

Prediction: Chiefs 23 Browns 10


Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots 1:00 PM ET CBS

Neither team is looking all that impressive right now, but another week of practice between Gronk and Tom Brady will be more beneficial this week.  They may even find the endzone.

Prediction: Patriots 27 Dolphins 20


Buffalo Bills @ New Orleans Saints 1:00 PM ET CBS

What has happened to C.J. Spiller?  I know his ankle is bothering him some, but he really doesn't look like the guy the Bills were hyping up in the offseason.  The Saints may not have Jimmy Graham and the Bills defense is better than people think, but the Saints will still get the job done.

Prediction: Saints 27 Bills 16


New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 PM ET FOX

The Giants won a stinker of a game Monday night.  Do I smell two in a row?  Doubtful.  At some point, the Eagles nine game home losing streak has to end.  Their last home win was against the Giants.  They win, but only if Michael Vick plays.

Prediction: Eagles 27 Giants 17


New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals 4:05 PM ET CBS

Who would have thought this would turn into such a big game?  The Bengals play up to the level of their opponents and Andy Dalton is in a grove right now.  The Bengals defense will force Geno Smith into a couple of turnovers which will be the difference in this game.  Hey Cincinnati, show up and support your Bengals!

Prediction: Bengals 24 Jets 13


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders 4:05 PM ET CBS

Been going back and forth all week with this one.  The Steelers two game winning streak still doesn't persuade me that they're back and the Raiders have had two weeks to gameplan.  But I think the Steelers find a way to go to the Black Hole and get a win though I say this with absolutely zero confidence.  May even change my pick later.

Prediction: Steelers 20 Raiders 19


Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals 4:25 PM ET FOX

Steven Jackson is likely to make his return to the Falcons backfield.  That would be a welcomed site for this banged up team.  The addition of a running game should propel the Falcons over the Cardinals despite the Cardinals good defense.  Carson Palmer is always good for at least one pick or two.

Prediction: Falcons 26 Cardinals 20


Washington Redskins @ Denver Broncos 4:25 PM ET FOX

Washington's defense is in for a long day against a ticked off Peyton Manning and company coming off their first loss of the season.  Brandon Meriweather is suspended and won't play.  Not even RGIII will be enough to save the day for Washington.

Prediction: Broncos 37 Washington 27


Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings 8:30 PM ET NBC

The Vikings quarterback carousel makes them a joke.  Their defense though is just as bad as the quarterback situation.  Aaron Rodgers is going to have a field day.  It will take a miracle (or 300 yards rushing by Adrian Peterson) for the Vikings to get a win to settle the fans down in Minny.

Prediction: Packers 31 Vikings 16


Coming up Monday: NFL Week 8 reaction plus MNF preview



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