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There is a lot to talk about in "the stack" today.  Hopefully more people read this post than were at the Edwards Jones Dome last night watching the Seahawks and Rams.  You can help make that happen.  The Stack is here to talk about the World Series, NFL news and much more so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, October 29:

Red Sox take 3-2 series lead over Cardinals

The Boston Red Sox head back to Boston with two chances to win the World Series following their 3-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals Monday night.  Once again Jon Lester was stupendous, giving up just one run in 7 2/3 innings.  In two World Series starts this year, Lester has given up just one run.  David Ortiz is the hottest player in the World Series.  He got a hit in each of his first two at-bats, making that nine straight times he reached base, tying a World Series record.  He finished 3-4 and is hitting .733 in the World Series.  .733!!  That's unheard of.  No question about it, should Boston win the World Series, Ortiz is MVP.

The three games in St. Louis were full of twists and turns.  The game three ending will be talked about forever if Boston loses the World Series.  Still not quite sure about that obstruction call that gave the Cardinals the winning run, but what are you going to do about it?  The ending in game four was even crazier when poor rookie Kolten Wong was picked off at first to end the game with Carlos Beltran up at bat.  Probably not a smart decision to make a big lead off, but the amount of criticism levied against this kid was unreal.  Follow @BestFansStLouis on Twitter and take a look at some of the tweets against Wong and then following last night's games.  Cardinals fans are ruthless.  Best fans in baseball?  It may just be a small sample, but they are giving the entire fanbase a bad rap.  More on these clowns on another day.  Game six is Wednesday night at Fenway at 8:07 PM ET on FOX.

Seahawks escape St. Louis with a win

While all but a few thousand people were paying attention to the St. Louis Cardinals, the Seattle Seahawks had to fight tooth and nail to beat the pesky St. Louis Rams 14-9.  The Seahawks needed a goaline stand at the end of the game to secure the win.  The Rams ran for 199 yards against the Seahawks.  The Seahawks offense was awful.  Apart from a Golden Tate 80-yard touchdown, the Seahawks did absolutely nothing.  The Rams had seven sacks.  They were outstanding.  It's a shame they lost this game.  The Seahawks need to wake up after this one.  Just awful.


Penn State settles in Sandusky case

The twenty-six young men who were sexually abused as children by former Penn State assistant head football coach Jerry Sandusky have settled with the university for $59.7 million.  Names and settlment amounts were not provided.  While it is really difficult, if not impossible to put a price on the horrors that these now young men went through as children, the victims seem satisfied with what they are getting and ready to move on with their lives.  There still may be a few other issues and cases that need to be settled by Penn State, but they appear to be close to closing out a very ugly chapter in the university's history, and for that we should applaud them.


Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather...what????

Perhaps this is all just a clever plan to take away attention from Robert Griffin III's knee injury suffered in Sunday's loss to the Denver Broncos, but Washington Redskin safety Brandon Meriweather took it way to far Monday.  Meriweather said in light of his one game suspension for his illegal hits to the head he's been delivering this season, the most recent one to Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, that now he's aiming at ending careers.  "You just have to go low now, man. You've got to end people's careers. You got to tear people's ACLs and mess up people's knees. You can't hit them high anymore," Meriweather said.  OK, Mr. Meriweather, are you just trying to get the media buzzing and talking about you or are you just plain stupid?  Illegally hitting the way you do can and will end player's careers and perhaps could cost them their lives later on.  Have you seen the reports on concussions are or you oblivious to that too?  Pretty sure concussions are a serious concern (see all NFL players that have committed suicide where concussions have played a role).  Your blatant negligence for your fellow players will quickly run you out of the league.  Keep trying what you do Meriweather, but watch your back.  The more I think about it, you were just trying to create a stir, get people to write posts like the one I'm doing now.  Call me a sucker then.  Actually don't.  Shut up and stop talking the rest of the week, go out and play the game aggressive, but clean.


NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs 8-0

They may be playing closer games, the but Chiefs know how to win those close games led by that stellar defense.  If Alex Smith can throw touchdowns every game, watch out.

2. New Orleans Saints 6-1

Drew Brees is on a tear.  It's going to take an absolutely stellar defensive effort to slow the Saints down with how well they are playing right now.

3. Seattle Seahawks 7-1

Despite the team's futility on offense, that defense is amazing.  Seahawks need to hope that the road to the Super Bowl goes through Seattle.

4. Denver Broncos 7-1

The Broncos can turn it on when they want and need to, but Peyton's propensity to turn the ball over in recent weeks as well as the defensive play has to be just a little concerning.

5. Green Bay Packers 5-2

Aaron Rodgers was on with very few known targets and the Packers have developed a scary running game.  When they get healthy, watch out.

6. San Francisco 49ers 6-2

The opponent was awful (Jaguars), but once again the 49ers had a terrific ground and pound attack.  It has been the catalyst for their recent run.

7. Cincinnati Bengals 6-2

Andy Dalton is on fire.  Marvin Jones is a machine.  And the defense is terrific.  Watch out for the Bengals!

8. Indianapolis Colts 5-2

It will be interesting to see how the Colts come out this week after their win over the Broncos two weeks ago and without Reggie Wayne.  

9. New England Patriots 6-2

Somehow, someway, the Patriots find ways to win, this time despite the fact that Tom Brady threw for just 116 yards.  Big testament to the coaching staff and the rest of the players on that team.

10. Detroit Lions 5-3

What an incredible win by the Lions.  Calvin Johnson is an absolute beast (in case you didn't know).  That play by Matthew Stafford was sensational to score the game-winning touchdown.  Could be a season defining win for the Lions.

11. San Diego Chargers 4-3

A bye week to rest up, the Chargers should be ready for their cross country flight to D.C. to take on Washington.  Philip Rivers could be in line for a monster day.

12. Carolina Panthers 4-3

Plenty of people want to see the Panthers win against a good opponent, but their recent play during this three game win streak shouldn't be ignored.  The Panthers could be playoff bound.

13. Chicago Bears 4-3

This may be too high, but until Josh McCown plays a full game and loses, the Bears still have a winning record and are solid offensively.  Defense is going to have to stop the Packers Monday night. Easier saidd than done.

14. Dallas Cowboys 4-4

Cowboys were a minute away from coming up with a big road win.  This kind of loss could be devastating for the Cowboys season.  Good thing they play the Vikings this week.

15. Arizona Cardinals 4-4

Cardinals may have found their running back of the future in rookie Andre Ellington.  Couple that with a solid Cardinals defense and the Cardinals are a fringe playoff team.

16. New York Jets 4-4

The Jets are better than the team that lost 49-9 on Sunday...but not by much.  We'll see how they respond against New Orleans before buying in more.

17. Baltimore Ravens 3-4

Ray Rice needs to get the ball more.  Think I've said this a time or two.  Joe Flacco will have to put the team on his shoulders I guess.

18. Miami Dolphins 3-5

All of those new acquisitions certainly aren't making the difference the Dolphins envisioned when the season began.

19. Cleveland Browns 3-5

The Browns made the right decision starting Jason Campbell.  He'll some more games for the Browns.  They have a lot of weapons in the passing game.

20. St. Louis Rams 3-5

What a defensive performance by the Rams.  They'll need more of that this year to help win games.  Next time hopefully more fans will be in attendance.

21. Oakland Raiders 3-4

Terrelle Pryor's 93-yard TD run was great, but he needs to be consistent throughout the entire game for the Raiders to take that next step.

22. Tennessee Titans 3-4

Hopefully Jake Locker got healthy during the bye week.  The Titans need him if they want to make something of their season.

23. Buffalo Bills 3-5

The Bills are losing guys left and right.  How are they fielding a team, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  It's killing their season.

24. Philadelphia Eagles 3-5

Um Chip Kelly?  Where's that awesome offense you had at Oregon?  Bad quarterback play will lead to another sour year in Philly.  Looks like that is where this thing is heading.

25. New York Giants 2-6

The Giants have a two game win streak now and just two games back of the lead in the NFC East.  Man that division is bad.

26. Washington Redskins 2-5

RGIII's health is a little concerning, but thank goodness safety Brandon Meriweather is there to take away the attention with dumb comments like the ones he made Monday. 

27. Houston Texans 2-5

Case Keenum or Matt Schaub?  Apparently the Texans are going with Keenum, but if he doesn't have Arian Foster or Ben Tate, Keenum could be doomed.

28. Atlanta Falcons 2-5

Injuries have absolutely killed the Falcons this year.  You see that when Matt Ryan throws four interceptions.  This likely wasn't what Tony Gonzalez was thinking he would come back to.

29. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-5

Any chance that the Steelers had of going on a run and making the playoffs is likely done now with that loss to the Raiders.  Need more from the running game.

30. Minnesota Vikings 1-6

Let's grab eleven people and we'll probably convert a few third down conversions against the Vikings.  What a disgraceful defense.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-7

When Darrelle Revis says the team may not be buying into coach Greg Schiano's scheme anymore, it's time for the coach to go.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-8

Jaguars fans, at least there is this...the Jaguars lose just as embarrassingly overseas as they do in the states.  London won't want them either.


Coming up Wednesday: 2013-14 NBA Season Preview


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