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Throughout college basketball, I always try to stay caught up and know who's on top.  I don't necessarily watch a lot of games, but I see tons of highlights and know who the big teams and news of the day are.  With that said, I figured I would throw what little knowledge I have in here and tell you about what a great tradition this tourney is.  I will start by telling a story about my cousin, who played Division I at the University of Tennessee and Chattanooga.

My cousin has always been one of the people that were blessed by good size.  For a while he was at an awkward stage, but it really didn't keep his progression from starting.  In high school, my cousin played for the Ridgeland Panthers in Georgia.  Throughout his high school career, everyone just knew that wouldn't be it for him.  And it wasn't.  When the end of his senior season came, he was being recruited by more than one school.  He was being pursued by teams such as Arkansas, Alabama, and a few more SEC teams.  But instead, he signed with UTC.  As most of you know, the Southern Conference (SOCON) isn't exactly a power conference.  So of course, the only way to go to the Big Dance was to win the SOCON Tourney.  For as long as I could remember, I had always heard from him that his dream was to play in the NCAA Tourney, not the NBA.  He didn't care for the pro game, but he just loved everything about the tourney.  Well, one year he had his chance to go.  I remember him, or it may have been someone else, hit a three.  Then he had to try and block the in-bounds pass and when the ball went to the opposite end of the court and the guy got free for a layup, I can only imagine how bad it must've felt.  He was so close to his dream, and this just shows how great March Madness is. 

Another great thing about March Madness is this "bubble" stuff.  ESPN sure does keep every team in check.  If you are, ever been, or plan on being on the "bubble", plan on being considered out of the tourney at some point and time.  See, this year it looks like none of the 'bubbles" seem to want it.  So this has caused for some massive hope of other teams losing.  One of the teams that the "bubble" will be rooting against today is Georgia. 

After that horrible 13-16 record, the Bulldogs looked like the only way they could go to the tourney is if they won the SEC Championship, and that was very unlikely seeing how the Dawgs were the East's #6 seed.  Besides LSU, Georgia was the worst team in the SEC during regular season play.  But now, it seems that the seniors on the team just don't want to quit playing.  They won over Ole Miss on Thursday, which surprised me.  Then I got a little hope, and what happens, a tornado.  So, they cancel the game and now Georgia have to play two on Saturday.  Well, first they have to somehow beat an overrated Kentucky team, and they did.  So now they just have to get ready for a nightcap and we'll be good.  By the time I got in front of my TV, Georgia led 10-2.  I knew that wouldn't hold, but it was a good start.  They then went on to win in a miracle over the West's #1 seed.  Seniors Sundiata Gaines and Dave Bliss now have one more to play and if they win against Arkansas, they are going dancing.  This is why March Madness is so great.  Anyone can win, and that was proven yesterday.  Some other big wins were Illinois going to the Big 10 Championship and Duke being knocked out by the Clemson Tigers. 

By the way, they Braves had not won a doubleheader in Atlanta since 2005, and the Georgia Bulldogs pulled it off.  And in of all team's building, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. 


Thanks for showing interest, I did my best, it isn't my thing.


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