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- Need To Make a First 5 Team NFL Draft, Using ONLY Offensive Players, For What They Need Most.

- The Next Coach On The Hot Seat For 2008 is?

- Were the Browns for Real in 2007?

- Is Asante Samuel going to Greatly change the Eagles Defense?

- The Vikings are looking to sign JP Losman, Do You Start Losman or Jackson, If He gets Signed?

- Had Barry Sanders played 5 more seasons, would You consider him the Greatest RB Of All Time?

- Should the Running Back pulling a Defender's Face Mask be a Penalty? (It Isn't Right Now)

- Which team will finish last in the NFC East in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the NFC West in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the NFC North in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the NFC South in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the AFC East in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the AFC West in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the AFC North in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the AFC South in 2008?

- Will Bill Parcells Really Turn the Dolphins Organization Around?

- If Atlanta were to get a QB, and an Elite Receiver, Will They Be Ready For The Season?

- Will the Jaguars be as big of a threat on Defense, after losing Marcus Stroud?

- Matt Hasselbeck will have worse numbers than in 2007, Buy Or Sell?

- Donovan McNabb will do better in 2008, With the Eagles...

- The Saints are going to be the Real Contender in the 2008 Playoff Run, Buy or Sell.

- Who has been the worst overall team in the NFL, since 2000 Besides the Lions, and the Cardinals?

- Tom Brady lost Stallworth, and Brown at WR, Will He Be Able to Put up Great Numbers Again?

- Offensively, Besides Devin Hester, and Adrian Peterson, Who Is the Most Dangerous NFL Player?

- Mewelde Moore will help the Steelers Running Game, Buy or Sell?

- The team with the worst Offensive Line in 2008 will be?

- The team with the worst Defensive Line in 2008 will be?

- Lee Evans will do better in 2008 than in 2007, Yes Or No?

- The Worst QB to start over 12 games is...

- Derek Anderson's 2007 Campaign, Fluke or Really That Good?

- Is Terrell Owens really THE Go-To guy late in a game?




- Fausto Carmona Will Have a Good Sophomore Year, Buy or Sell?

- Another All-Star caliber player will be in Yankees Pin-Stripes By The End Of The Season, Yes or No?

- Which MLB Team will have the worst 2008 Season?

- Will the Pirates be a Playoff Contender this Year?

- The Detroit Tigers will have 5 MLB All-Stars in the All Star Game, Buy or Sell?

- Brad Penny will have another Great Year in 2008, Buy Or Sell?

- Alex Rodriguez will lead the MLB in Home-Runs Again, Yes Or No?

- In 2007, Was Joe Borowski REALLY a Good Closer?

- Was Juan Pierre an underrated Base Stealer in the MLB in 2007?

- In 5 Years, the Best 1st Baseman Will Be...

- In 5 Years, the Boston Red Sox will Have the Best Pitching Staff.

- 10 Pitchers in the MLB will have 18 Wins in the 2008 Season, Buy Or Sell?

- Which MLB Team has been the worst team since the year 2000 season, Besides the D-Rays, and Pirates?

- Which MLB Team has been the Best since the 2000 Season, Besides the Red Sox?

- The Team with the worst Pitching Staff in the League is...

- The Team with the worst line-up in the league is...

- The Team with the best Relief Pitching in the NL is...

- Who has better relief, the Twins or the Indians?

- Who is the best pitcher in the League with an age of 22 or under?

- Yovanni Gallardo will have a Good 2008 Season, Yes or No?

- When a Player switches from NL to AL, does it depend more on the pitcher on how well they will do?

- When a Batter goes from the NL to AL, Is there really a big difference?

- Who was the worst player in the MLB that had over 400 AB's?




- Shaq Will Retire how many years from now?

- Who has the Most Talented Triple Threat in the NBA, Besides the Pistons, Celtics, and Spurs?

- Who is the best NBA Player in the Game today, besides K. Bryant, L. James, and C. Paul?

- Make A Starting 5 Team with All Centers.

- Is Shaq's Average of 3.8 Fouls a Game Hurting the Suns A LOT?

- The Miami Heat will Have a Winning Season Next Season, Yes or No?

- Tim Duncan is the best PF to play the game, Yes or No?

- Pistol Pete Mariovich is a Top 3 PG to play the Game, Yes or No?

- The Milwaukee Bucks need to clean house, if They want to get better, Yes or No?

- Which Division has the worst amount of talent in the NBA?

- Which division has the most amount of talent in the NBA, Besides the Southwest?

- Should Manu Ginobili start in games for the Spurs?

- The Best Last Place Division Team in the NBA is the...

- The Worst Last Place Division Team in the NBA besides the Heat are the...

- The Knicks will have a turn-around season in the next 2 years, Yes or No?

- This year's Coach on the Hot-Seat is...

- Do you believe that many NBA Players take Steroids?

- The Worst Starting Center in the NBA who played over 45 games this season is...

- Will the Nuggets make the playoffs?

- Would a Pistons vs. Spurs Championship be Boring?

- What is more fun to watch, a defensive game, or a game with a lot of scoring?



- The Michigan Wolverines will make a Bowl Game, Buy Or Sell?

- The Georgia Bulldogs will win the SEC, Yes Or No?

- The #1 ranked team at the Beginning of the Season will be?

- Who was the greatest QB to play in College?

- The Next Big-Ten Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- The Next Big-12 Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- The Next Big East Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- The Next SEC Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- The Next Pac-10 Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- USC will remain a Power-House in the NCAAF for the next 5 years, Yes or No?

- If players take Steroids in College, Should they get a more Harsh Penalty, than Players in the NFL?

- This Coming Year, is Nick Saban on the Hot-Seat?

- How much longer will Les Miles coach at LSU?

- The West Virginia Mountaineers will Do How Well Without Slaton, and Rodriguez?

- Would you rather run a Spread offense, or a Veer Offense in College?



- Will Tyler Hansbrough's value to NBA Team Rise or Fall if he keeps playing in the NCAAB?

- What is the main reason Tyler Hansbrough will not do well in the NBA?

- Michael Beasley Will remain in the NCAAB for How Many More Years?

- Michael Beasley will put up better numbers in his Sophormore Season, Buy Or Sell?

- Will a #1 Seed in the Tournament Win the Championship?

- Make an All-Freshman NCAAB Team

- Make an All-Sophomore NCAAB Team

- Make an All-Junior NCAAB Team

- Make an All-Senior NCAAB Team

- The Next SEC Coach To get Fired in the NCAAB Is...

- The Next NCAAB Coach besides Coach K that would do well in the NBA would be...

- The team with the best Offense in all of NCAAB Division-A is...

- The Team with the best Defense in all of NCAAB Divison-A is...



- Who has the best Mascot in the NFL?

- Who has the best Mascot in the NBA?

- Who has the best Mascot in the NCAAF?

- Who has the best Mascot in the NCAAB?

- Who has the best Mascot in the MLB?

- Which Sports Team has the best Tradition before every game?

- If there were 1 City You could Add to the NFL, NBA, and MLB, Which City would it be, and Why?

- Which is most fun to watch, March Madness, Super Bowl, Or Bowl Week?

- Which is the the least fun to watch, Golf, Tennis, or Nascar, and why?


This is over 100 Throwdown Ideas I have for you for now, I will add more in the future, but this should keep people from spamming mail that says "Someone TD Me, I have No Ideas", So I hope this helps a lot of you people, and have fun!

Notice: I am Allowing you to use ANY of the TD's I thought of, Listed Above!!!

Copyright: #2 DetroitFan* BS Is Verlander, March 2008


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