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The Stack is back after another jaw-dropping NFL Sunday.  There were some absolutely amazing individual performances yesterday.  Lots of breakout players.  Picks were not so good.  I've come to the realization that this year is just not my year for picks.  5-7 so far this week.  How did we get to this point?  Let's take a look and get some reaction in "the stack" from week 9 in the NFL for today, Monday, November 4:

Chiefs 23 Bills 13

The Bills were ready for the Chiefs.  They moved the ball down the field.  But the game changed when Sean Smith returned an INT 100 yards for a TD to tie the game 10-10.  Tamba Hali would later add another defensive score.  At the end of the day, the Chiefs defense had the only two touchdowns of the day and that was enough to beat the Bills.  The Chiefs will lose soon, but right now, there is no denying their dominance, especially on the defensive side of the football.


Panthers 34 Falcons 10

Matt Ryan is hitting rock bottom...or close to it.  Three more interceptions today.  Without his top two weapons, he is trying to do too much and that is helping lead to the Falcons 2-6 record.  The Panthers have won four in a row.  Five in a row will be tough against San Francisco next week, but if they win that game, they're legit.


Cowboys 27 Vikings 23

Never thought that the Vikings would even be in this game, so credit goes to them for fighting tooth and nail with the Cowboys.  Once agian though, the Vikings had a fourth quarter lead and failed to hang onto it.  Too many little mistakes.  That's why this team is 1-7.  Tony Romo led the Cowboys on a season-saving 90-yard drive for the go-ahead score.  Masterful.  The Vikings just don't have it this year.


Jets 26 Saints 20

So a team that lost by 40 points on the road the previous week beat one of the best teams in the NFL the following week?  Yeah that sounds about right.  Have to give a lot of credit to the Jets for the way they played and for how they've looked this season.  They were going to be one of the worst teams in the league.  Amazing how they've played this year and Chris Ivory running for 139 yards against his former team is a big reason why they're 5-4.  Head-scratching loss for the Saints.


Titans 28 Rams 21

Old-school football game broke out in this one.  Chris Johnson had 150 yards rushing and two touchdowns while Rams running back Zac Stacy had 127 yards rushing and two scores of his own.  The Titans were the better team on this day.  If they get more games from Johnson like the one he had yesterday the rest of the year, the Titans will be fighting for a playoff spot.


Redskins 30 Chargers 24

Chargers looked like they had this game won.  Danny Woodhead had a touchdown, but the play was reviewed and showed that Woodhead didn't get the ball into the endzone.  The Chargers stalled and were forced to kick a field goal to tie the game.  They would have had a 28-24 lead.  They never saw the ball again as the Redskins scored a touchdown on their first drive of the extra period.  Tough loss for the Chargers.  Big win for the Redskins who stay in the mix of the NFC East mix.


Eagles 49 Raiders 20

Raise your hand if you had Nick Foles throwing seven touchdowns in a game at any point this season, let alone yesterday against the Raiders.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Heck, who had Foles throwing seven touchdowns at all this season?  Again, anyone?


Seahawks 27 Bucs 24

The Seahawks made history by winning their first game in which they were down by 21 points.  The Bucs played outstanding, especially rookie running back Mike James who had 140 yards on the ground.  However, the Seahawks showed a lot of fortitude in their comeback win.  There are definitely some issues on this team though that could prevent them from going to Super Bowl.


Browns 24 Ravens 18

Browns cornerback Joe Haden is right.  This Ravens team isn't like the Ravens team of old.  They proved it yesterday.  They struggle to run the ball and don't make plays consistently on defense.  The Browns have a good quarterback in Jason Campbell.


Patriots 55 Steelers 31

Tom Brady may have found his grove again.  Either that or the Patriots have figured out that with a good ground attack led by Stevan Ridley, their passing game will open up as well.  Then again, when you play against an aging defense like the Steelers, big plays and a big game aren't too hard to come by.


Colts 27 Texans 24

Tremendous comeback win by the Colts.  T.Y. Hilton may not be Reggie Wayne, but three touchdowns and over 100 yards receiving is something that the Colts love.  They need Hilton to show up week in, week out.  Rookie quarterback Case Keenum played very well for the Texans.  They have the quarterback of the forseeable future.  The bigger news though is Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, who collapsed near the sidelines heading off the field at halftime.  He is at a local hospital and the team says he did not have a heart attack.  That's great news.  Here's to a speedy recovery for you coach Kubiak.


Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers 8:40 PM ET ESPN

The Bears are without their starting quarterback Jay Cutler.  The Packers hope to not lose Aaron Rodgers to injury ever, but they've dealt with a lot of injuries so far this year.  They've handled it magnificently.  They'll be down a few guys in this contest, but they'll handle it better than the Bears without Cutler and linebacker Lance Briggs.

Prediction: Packers 30 Bears 20


Coming up Tuesday: MNF recap, NFL power rankings plus other top stories



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