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The entire state of Wisconsin waiting on baited breath to hear the news on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  They hope the injury news is not serious after Rodgers left Monday night's game against Chicago.  The Stack is here to talk about that and a few other football items so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, November 5:

Bears win MNF, but that's not the main headline

It was supposed to be a battle between two star quarterbacks, Jay Cutler versus Aaron Rodgers.  It ended up being a battle of the backups (Josh McCown for the Bears, Seneca Wallace for the Packers), after Rodgers suffered a shoulder injury on the first series of the game.  Bears defensive end Shea McClellin hit Rodgers into the ground and Rodgers got up very clow and grimmacing in pain.  He would exit the game and would not return.  With that the Packers had to rely on their new found ground game led by rookie Eddie Lacy who had 150 yards rushing and a touchdown.  Unfortunately, Wallace struggled and the Bears took advantage with their own ground game thanks to Matt Forte (125 yards and a touchdown) and the passing of backup quarterback Josh McCown.  McCown played outstanding with 272 yards and two touchdowns.  His touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall was ridiculous.  The Bears win now creates a three way tie atop the NFC North at 5-3 between the Bears, Packers and Lions.  The rest of the year is going to be awfully interesting and entertaining in the NFC North.


Incognito sent racial voicemail to Martin

The Miami Dolphins are at the center of attention in the NFL, but for all of the wrong reasons.  More and more information is coming out about guard Richie Incognito and his relationship with teammate Jonathan Martin who left the team last week.  Reports out there say that Incognito left a voicemail on Martin's phone in which he used racial slurs and a lot of swear words.  Martin is done as a Dolphin, even if it is not official yet.  This guy is an absolute bum.  Some people are saying Incognito is a good guy.  He just takes hazing rookies and giving them a bad time too far.  While that may be true, what he has done to Martin goes above and beyond any sort of hazing.  His character is truly showing. Less than 48 hours ago, the Dolphins were standing by Incognito saying they needed to gather more information on the situation.  They have changed their tune drastically in that shhort time frame and now the Dolphins have to get t work to change the nature of hazing and change what's going on in the locker room on a daily basis.  It appears somewhat fractured and it is up to head coach Joe Philbin and the front office to get it done.  The NFL should also taake note of this as well.  Something has to be done to change the nature of hazing and the workplace environment, because at the end of the day, that is what the NFL locker room is.  It's a place of work, just like the standard office is for you and me and this would not fly anywhere!  How it's lasted in the NFL is amazing.  Then again, this appears to be an isolated incident...we hope.


NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs 9-0

2. Denver Broncos 7-1

3. New England Patriots 7-2

4. Seattle Seahawks 8-1

5. Indianapolis Colts 6-2

6. San Francisco 49ers 6-2

7. New Orleans Saints 6-2

8. Cincinnati Bengals 6-3

9. Detroit Lions 5-3

10. Green Bay Packers 5-3

11. Chicago Bears 5-3

12. Carolina Panthers 5-3

13. New York Jets 5-4

14. Dallas Cowboys 5-4

15. Tennessee Titans 4-4

16. San Diego Chargers 4-4

17. Philadelphia Eagles 4-5

18. Cleveland Browns 4-5

19. Arizona Cardinals 4-4

20. Miami Dolphins 4-4

21. Washington Redskins 3-5

22. Baltimore Ravens 3-5

23. Buffalo Bills 3-6

24. Oakland Raiders 3-5

25. St. Louis Rams 3-6

26. Houston Texans 2-6

27. New York Giants 2-6

28. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-6

29. Atlanta Falcons 2-6

30. Minnesota Vikings 1-7

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-8

32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-8


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