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The Stack joins you on this Wednesday again with only a few things to talk about.  The situation in Miami continues to dominate headlines.  We'll touch on that and more so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, November 6:

Coaches told Incognito to toughen Martin up

The situation in Miami involving Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin continues to unfold and there is a report by the Sun Sentinal that could be very damning to the entire Dolphins organization.  According to the Sun Sentinal, Martin missed two voluntary workouts last year and two sources say some coaches told Incognito to call Martin to "toughen him" up.  Of course, Incognito proceeded to leave the voicemail filled with profanity and racial slurs, thereby taking it too far.  Really?! Incognito, with his past, carried a simple action too far? Shocking! Voluntary workouts in the offseason are voluntary for a reason.  Not everyone has to show up.  That's what makes them voluntary!  Perhaps the Dolphins coaches need to brush up on their vocabulary, but if they told Incognito to do this, there will be a lot of people that get canned in Miami because of this.  This is absolutely inexcusable.  This situation will continue to unfold and more information will come out as the NFL and NFLPA conducts their investigation and should this story hold true, there will be a lot of people out of a job in the Dolphins organization including head coach Joe Philbin.


Rodgers has a broken collarbone

Reports after Monday night's game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers surfaced that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a slight fracture in his collarbone and could miss three weeks. Rodgers confirmed on his radio show Tuesday that he does have a broken collarbone, but until swelling goes down, they don't know the severity of the fracture nor do they have a timetable on his return.  Anything more than a couple of weeks could be devastating to the Packers hopes of reaching the postseason.  With Detroit and Chicago tied a top the NFC North at 5-3 along with the Packers, Green Bay can ill-afford to fall behind.  Their next three games don't come against tough teams (VS Philadelphia, @ New York Giants, VS Minnesota), but any game without Rodgers becomes significantly more difficult.  Once the swelling goes down, it will be interesting to see if the initial reports of the three week timetable are correct.  If so, that would mean that Rodgers would be ready for a Thanksgiving Day contest with Detroit that could prove to be very significant to the Packers playoff division and playoff hopes.


Nick Saban would only consider Texas

According to the AP, Alabama football head coach Nick Saban's agent Jimmy Sexton would only consider the head coaching job at the University of Texas should he choose to leave Alabama.  The success that Saban has had at Alabama has put him under "special pressure."  Given that Mack Brown has turned the season around at Texas so it seems unlikely that he will go and Saban would come in, but if Saban ever wants to leave Alabama, Texas is the only place he will go.


Washington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings 8:25 PM ET NFL Network (Thursday)

Yes this game is Thursday Night Football's game of the week (poor NFL Network) and yes it is Wednesday, but since I will have a college basketball season preview tomorrow, the preview needs to happen today. 

Both teams have stars (RGIII for Washington, Adrian Peterson for Minnesota).  Both teams stink this year.  Washington won a game last week they probably shouldn't have against San Diego while the Vikings blew another late fourth quarer lead in their loss to Dallas.  Minnesota also lost tight end Kyle Rudolph to a broken foot.  The Vikings are desperate for a win to get this losing streak taste out of their mouths, but Washington also is desperate for a win given that somehow they are only two games back of the division lead.  RGIII ran it what 70 yards for a touchdown last year to put the game away for Washington over Minnesota.  Expect the Vikings to have another fourth quarter lead and blow it on a play like that. Hope I'm wrong, but I doubt the Vikings can prove the doubters wront.

Prediction: Redskins 34 Vikings 31


Coming up Thursday: 2013-14 College basketball season preview


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