Notes from the North

Buffalo's offence allowed more points than it scored in a loss last week to Kansas City. And that's the story of my week.

Close, so close, on so many games. But the upsets I needed didn't happen and the upsets I didn't pick did happen.

Of the 69 members of my football pool, only one picked Chicago over Green Bay. ONE. Did he/she have some inside information on a certain quarterback's shoulder or the Bears' defensive schemes?

Ugh. I lost no ground but I gained no ground. I'm mired in 61st place and don't seem to have a hope in the world of winning a single week. This week doesn't seem any easier, with lots of close games and lots of teams either falling apart or rounding into form.

So, without further ado, here are the World's Worst Football Picks for Week 10 of the NFL:

Minny over Washington: Adrian Peterson is back and Christian Ponder knows it. Meanwhile, Wash is too inconsistent to trust. (6)

Atlanta to beat Seattle: A classic upset special. The Seahawks have been winning ugly too often and the Falcons are in desperate need of a statement game. It's in Atlanta so look for the Falcs to win it. (11)

Baltimore over Cincy: I just cannot accept that the Ravens are done. And Cincy has proven suspect. (10)

Detroit to beat Chicago: I had originally picked the Bears but I have been burned by Detroit too often. If they're not ready for Matt Forte, though, the Lions are in for a looooooong day. (5)

Philadelphia over Green Bay: I have to admit it, I was stunned when I realised that the Pack was running Seneca Wallace out as its second string quarterback. Seneca Wallace? Seriously? I can't see Green Bay having enough time to bring someone else in and have them ready for the Eagles so the Packers will live and die with Wallace. This weekend, against an inspired Philly team, they'll die with him. (4)

Indianapolis to beat St. Louis: I'm not sure about this one. I think Indy is vulnerable and they got lucky, very lucky, against Texas. The Rams defense could make it a tough one for the Colts' high-powered offense. But Indianapolis should pull out a very close, low scoring game. (9)

Giants over Oakland: My feeling is that New York has turned the corner and is returning to form. I like the Raiders (even with last weekend's beat-down against the Eagles) but I think the Giants' defensive front will handle Pryor quite efficiently. (3)

Pittsburgh to beat Buffalo: No idea. No clue at all. The Steelers seem to have no defense and no offensive line. The Bills just beat themselves. I'm taking Pittsburgh at home. (2)

Tennesee to beat Jacksonville: At some point, the Jags will have to win a game. But not at this point. (14)

Carolina over San Francisco: Both teams have been playing well of late and the Niners are at home. But there's something about the Panthers.... Oh yeah, it's called tough defence and Cam Newton. (8)

Houston to beat Arizona: I like that Houston quarterback (not well enough to remember his name but...) and I like the free-wheeling feeling he brings to what was a pretty uptight Texans team. And Houston can play some defence too. (7)

Denver over San Diego: The Bolts could win this one, especially coming off last week's loss to the 'Skins. They can be scary good. But I'm a big one for emotion over logic (sorry Spock) and I think the Broncos will be playing their hearts out (pun intended) for their ailing coach. (13)

New Orleans to beat Dallas: Gut check time for the Saints. They need to prove that last week's pummeling by the Jests was an aberration and get back to winning. The Cowboys are no easy out, though. (1)

Miami over Tampa Bay: The battle of Florida (at least part of it). The Dolphins might just rest on their laurels after last week's win and take the Bucs too lightly (a real danger) but Miami should win this one. (12)


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