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It feels almost like February to me. Nothing against early season hockey and NBA, but the games they play right now just don't seem to matter much. Yes, I know they all count in the standings, and come April teams might be wishing they just played a tiny bit harder back in those November games, maybe got an extra win or two. But as a fan, I just can't quite bite. So on those days between Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, the sports world just feels like its in hibernation a bit. Even worse is when there is a stinker of a game like the Skins and Vikings on. Well, if you're not too fascinated by that contest, maybe you can take the time to read my blog today.

Perhaps I'll pay more attention to the college games tonight. Funny how the NFL won't play games on Fridays or Saturdays because of high school and college, but they don't worry about competing on Thursdays. The Thursday NFL games have been for the most part atrocious this year. It's just too quick of a turnaround time from Sunday. The college teams have almost a full week to prepare - thus better games. Well, except it is college football and its generally easy to predict which team will win. Also teams don't play defense. You can't have everything, I guess.

Why do teams still think they can only carry 2 QB's on their rosters? QB2 seems to be a very important position. How many QBs take every meaningful snap all season long? There can't be too many. Therefore it seems to follow that odds favor QB2 getting some playing time in at some point in a season. And if QB2 isn't any good? You should have a QB3 who is more than just a scout team arm and clipboard holder. Every year (except, well, this year) so many QBs are drafted out of college with high hopes. Why is that so few of them prove capable on the big stage? How does Jordan Palmer keep getting on NFL rosters? I don't know.

As you can probably tell by now, I didn't have a whole lot to blog about this week. Hopefully next week there will be something I feel more strongly about. Nobody ever said this was going to be easy.

So have fun and drink good beer. I've starting trying to lose a few pounds, so I'm being re-acquainted with light beer lately. It's not a really tasty prospect, but every once in a while we must sacrifice taste and content for crappy ingredients and fewer calories. Hopefully you are drinking something better than I will be tonight. This may also help explain my current lack of creativity.

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November 8, 2013  10:57 PM ET

If I had to lose weight, real beer would be the last place I'd cut back.

First would be fat people's blood?

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November 19, 2013  12:13 PM ET

What are the odds?

Better than even?


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