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God created the universe with His spoken Word.  Apart from love, words and names are the most powerful entities in creation.  Words and a person's name reflect their souls, beings and hearts.  Words truly have the power to create or destroy.


Let it be known; I am only commenting on the situation on the Miami Dolphins regarding bullying and verbal abuse because people outside of the sports world are aware of it; and I will try to do so from a godly and spiritual perspective.


First of all, it is sinful to gossip; so I will only comment on hopefully the one fact I do know; because no one apart from the two players involved know the truth; and even then, they are both imperfect humans; who may not even know God's truth, the Author of Truth, regarding their human interaction.


I will focus on the text message and use of the "N" word and the three words, "I'll kill you."


There is no place in the spoken language for the "N" word or especially "I'll kill you."  It does not matter if it is said half-heartedly or haphazardly.  They are not godly and have no godly, loving, creative, or positive purpose.  They only invite evil mindsets and more evil.  For an organization or a football team as well, these words and this situation only invite two more negative words: DISTRACTION and DRAMA.


In my experience, the "N" word is typically a racial word.  There are many races on this Earth, but actually only one race: the human race.  We are all God's human creation.


However, this word is typically used in a demeaning or derogatory way; which is usually the way white people use it toward black people.  It is also typically used by black people amongst other black people in the context of "brother" or as a bonding word.  It has now evolved to having multiple usages.  It is also considered a word unique to African-Americans and their chosen communication or "language."


Indeed, white people can use it in an attempt to bond or speak another race's "language"; just as a black person can speak it in a derogatory or demeaning manner to another person of their own race. 


The fact is:  When African-Americans use the word amongst themselves they risk it's multiple connotations or meaning; just like the "F" word which could be used to express anger or insinuate sexuality.  However, its use even amongst African-Americans can desensitize or invite its use amongst other races; who may again use it in a negative or sinful way; or to bond in a brotherly way.


In my understanding, ever since its inception, I believe African-Americans may have tried to take a demeaning word and put a positive use to it amongst their race and to "spin" it as a way to defeat its negative and sinful usage; however, since the day the "N" word was first spoken, it has only grown in it's evil-minded use and it can never be stopped by humankind and the masses in its sinful way; but only be stopped by an individual human; one human at a time, and the powerful choice each individual in existence should make.


The question is: Why risk any miscommunication or why not choose a more loving and clearly defined word?  No race needs to use the "N" word.  To that end, why not then, use the word, "Brother"? 


Yes, I know the word, "Brother" can have a racial connotation that means fellow race member or African-American; but it can also mean "family member." Surely family member is the godly, positive, and loving way to speak of another human or teammate.  And I am sure one day, the word "Brother" may be perverted.  But for now, it is a much better choice amongst the human family.


Truthfully, our words express exactly what is in our hearts; and if we use our minds to express our hearts; we will think and choose our words creatively and wisely; and prayerfully with love toward one another.


In closing, the most powerful entities in the universe are love and language.  When we love; we speak with love.  We will and should use communication which each person clearly acknowledges; respects; and understands; a word like the "N" word which should never have been spoken by that first human being who devised it; should now be abolished from the English language; forever destroyed, and never used again. 


When we speak with love, we speak positively and productively.  When we speak these ways; they will lead to togetherness, success, and in sport will lead all that is good and victories.


Finally, to say or write, "I'll kill you"; is never godly or of love; it is only demonic and destructive.  The only earthly answer to its having been used is forgiveness and cessation. 


Words...language...and the free-will choice God has given humankind to believe, think and to speak--use these to create and not destroy.  Choose this day blessings or curse, good words or bad words,  love or hate, victory or defeat, life or death.


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