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Today was the first time in my personal history to have stopped watching the Dallas Cowboys before the end of the last whistle. I had just seen enough and honestly I was disgusted by the performance of the whole entire Dallas Cowboys team. I wasn't surprised the Cowboys lost this game, after all the New Orleans Saints were the favorites to win. What I was surprised with was the way the Cowboys lost it. It seemed to me that the Dallas defense gave and threw the game in the second half. This loss reminded me of 3 years ago when the players gave up on the head coach, themselves, the team and the fans. As a consequence Coach Phillips was fired in mid-season and the offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett was hired as the new Head coach. Wow, what a difference 3 years makes in the life of a Dallas Cowboys fans, NOT! Everything seems to have come full circle. The Defense sucks! The Offense sucks! The Coaches are different but they too suck! Coach Jason Garrett???s face at the end of the game said it all, DISGUST! Seems like (Owner/President/GM), Jerry Jones finds himself again in a dilemma. JJ needs to find a new head coach and relieve JG of his command pronto. I say lets fire JJ and hire Rob Ryan as the next Head coach, what say you?
November 11, 2013  04:40 AM ET


November 11, 2013  03:47 PM ET

Rob Ryan couldn't be any worse than what Garrett is.. Jerry Jones needs a 'yes man' as head coach.. don't think Rob Ryan is one of those.. thats why the Cowboys have been a below average team since Jimmy Johnson left.. too many 'yes men' as coaches

November 11, 2013  09:38 PM ET

Wild fan you're right seems JJ needs these type coaches with one exception. Bill Parcels and that's only because he needed a new stadium.

November 12, 2013  03:32 PM ET

garrett was a horrible selection 3 yrs ago and has not bettered over his time with the team. maybe JJ comes to his senses and hires a real HC this time. but i'm not sure winning is his first priority. if it was he'd hire a real GM. as long as he remains so profitable from this team, he is patient with the choices he makes, it seems. i'd love to see the stadium half empty rest of the season.... that would hit him hard, but it won't happen.

November 13, 2013  04:01 PM ET

Wild fan you're right seems JJ needs these type coaches with one exception. Bill Parcels and that's only because he needed a new stadium.

Yeah.. but Parcels didn't stay long enough to make any real change.. only 4 games over 500 with no playoff wins.. but anyone was better than Dave Campo

November 13, 2013  10:08 PM ET

Lol Wild Fan got that right.

November 13, 2013  10:15 PM ET

JT, I too turned off the game for the first time since my dad to me to my first Cowboy game at the Cotton Bowl.

The only way anything changes is if a meaningful # of fans do the same, as well as stop filling the stadium.

I think the only way to get Jerry's attention is to hit him where it hurts, his wallet.

And changing coaches won't help. Only changing the team philosophy and letting the coach actually coach and discipline the team will make a difference.

As far as GMs, I find it hard to believe Jerry ever gives up that role.


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