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It was another crazy NFL Sunday. Do we expect anything different?  We shouldn't.  The Stack is here with reaction to it all so let's get right to it in "the stack" for today, Monday, November 11:

Seattle 33 Atlanta 10

After squeeking by a bad Bucs team last week, the Seahawks didn't want to give the Falcons any chance on Sunday.  They clobbered the Falcons who at this point have to wonder why this season has gone so incredibly wrong.  Matt Ryan looked bad.  Steven Jackson doesn't have it.  Lost season for Atlanta.  For Seattle, they just keep rolling.


Baltimore 20 Cincinnati 17

From complete shock and utter dispair to relief and confidence.  That's what the Ravens experienced in this game after the Bengals came back to tie the game on a hail mary on the final play of the fourth quarter when the ball was tipped twice and A.J. Green came down with it.  The Ravens inexplicably tipped it when they could have just let the ball drop or could have come down with an interception.  Fortunately, the defense stepped up in overtime to stop the Bengals and then the offense drove down and got the game-winning field goal meaning the Ravens are still in the AFC North race and the Bengals still are not a Super Bowl worthy contender.


Detroit 21 Chicago 19

Jay Cutler leaves with another injury.  We'll have to see how he is going forward.  The Lions offense didn't put up yards in bunches yesterday, but they made big plays when they had to getting two Calvin Johnson touchdowns and over 100 yards rushing from Reggie Bush.  With the win, the Lions are in control of the NFC North.


Philadelphia 27 Green Bay 13

Nick Foles looks like he has solidifed his hold on the starting quarterback spot in Philly.  He played great again yesterday.  The Eagles showed balance through the air and on the ground.  Meanwhile, the Packers can't catch a break at quarterback with Seneca Wallace leaving with a groin injury, but Scott Tolzien came in and played very well all things considered.  Matt Flynn should have his phone by his side waiting for a call from a Wisconsin area code.


St. Louis 38 Indianapolis 8

The most shocking result of the day hands down.  The Rams went into Indy and laid a thorough and complete beatdown of the Colts.  Rookie wide receiver Tavon Austin finally had a breakout game with a 98-yard punt return for a TD and two touchdown receptions.  This is probably just one bad game for the Colts, but when you get beat that bad, at home no less, it leaves you scratching your head and your confidence a little shaken.


New York Giants 24 Oakland 20

The Giants found a rushing attack with Andre Brown coming back.  He had 115 yards and a touchdown.  They had a blocked punt for a TD and their defense played pretty good.  They don't look great by any means, but the Giants are on a three game wining streak and are just two games back of the NFC East lead.  Anything is possible.


Pittsburgh 23 Buffalo 10

The Steelers defense was embarrassed by their performance against the Patriots last week, because they played inspired yesterday against the Bills.  Buffalo couldn't get anything going on the ground and E.J. Manuel struggled.  Good win for the Steelers to get that bad taste out of their mouth.


Jacksonville 29 Tennessee 27

The other stunning event of the day happened in the AFC South as well where the Jaguars got their first win of the season behind some very sloppy play from the Titans.  Give the Jaguars a ton of credit for doing some soul-searching during their bye week and coming back to get a big first win of the season.  The Titans lost Jake Locker in this game and he could be out a while.  We'll know details more today.  Congrats to the Jaguars.


Carolina 10 San Francisco 9

Most people who wanted to see if Carolina was for real were looking to see how they played in this game.  Could they beat the 49ers?  Well the defense certainly came ready to play.  They dominated the 49ers offense and the Panthers offense wasn't great, but made plays when they had to.  This win is the type of win that can and will propel the Panthers to the playoffs.  The 49ers, who were coming off of a bye, need to regroup in a hurry.  They play New Orleans in New Orleans next week.


Arizona 27 Houston 24

The Cardinals are very quietly hanging around the NFC playoff picture after a good win over Houston.  Case Keenum looks like he is the quarterback of the future for the Texans, but they just couldn't get the job done.  Turnovers by the Cardinals kept the Texans in this game.  Still the Cardinals are in the playoff picture while the Texans are left scratching their heads, wondering how this season has gone so wrong.  They now have a seven game losing streak.


Denver 28 San Diego 20

Demaryius Thomas turned this game pretty quickly with three touchdowns, but all anyone is talking about is Peyton Manning's ankles.  He took a shot late that put him in some serious pain as he was hobbling around the field late.  He said he was sore in his postgame press conference and said he will undergo an MRI today.  All Denver fans are holding their breath, waiting for some good news.


New Orleans 49 Dallas 17

Complete domination by the Saints in this one.  40 first downs. 40!  That's an NFL record.  The Cowboys were decimated by injuries on the defensive side of the ball, losing two linebackers to injury including Sean LeeDeMarcus Ware didn't look completely healthy either.  Fortunately, the average Cowboys are still tied for first in the NFC East and have a much needed bye this week.


Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8:40 PM ET ESPN

I don't know what to think of the mess in Miami anymore regarding Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito.  That's going to be the storyline talked most in this game.  The Dolphins are professionals.  They are payed to focus and perform and play well.  But all of the distractions really are difficult to deal with and you have to wonder how the Dolphins will come out to play.  This is a spot that I think the Bucs can win their first game of the year and against my better judgement I'm taking them.

Prediction: Buccaneers 23 Dolphins 17


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