Notes from the North

Get this: I had my worst week of the season from a straight-up picks perspective, I earned barely more than 50% of the available points in my pool and I actually improved my standing, all the way up to 59th out of 69 participants.

I guess I wasn't the only one who messed up last week's picks. And I can't even find anyone to blame. Except that I was so convinced that I had picked the Bucs in their upset of Miami that I cheered for them the whole game, only to find out I had actually picked the Dolphins. Yes, I am that messed up.

With that said, here are the World's Worst Football Picks for NFL Week 11:

Indy over Tennessee: This picks scares me. The Colts looked awful last week but the Titans weren't much better. Which team will bounce back more successfully? I say it's the Colts. (6)

Buffalo to beat the Jests: The Bills can't give away another game, can they? I'm calling this a bounce-back game for Buffalo and a chance for New York to come out completely flat against an opponent they are likely looking past. (3)

Chicago over Baltimore: It comes down to Cutler and the Bear defence. (5)

Cincinnati to beat Cleveland: I want to pick the Browns. I really do. And I think, if the Bengals continue to fall apart, Cleveland will win this one. But there are so many weapons in stripes that I can't see the Bengals staying bad for too long. (4)

Houston over Oakland: I know, I know. I've picked the Texans (incorrectly) for weeks now but they just have to win one. They're at home, Oakland has come back to earth and the T's defence is good for 10 points. (2)

Arizona to beat Jacksonville: The streak ends at 1. (9)

Philadelphia to beat Washington; In Foles we trust. And in an Eagles offence that takes advantage of his strengths and lets his weapons do their thing. (10)

Pittsburgh over Detroit: A feel pick. I think the Lions, though talented, are fragile and the Steelers have the pride and the power to break them. (8)

Atlanta to beat Tampa: Who knows on this one? On paper, the Falcons should wipe the one-win Bucs out. On paper. But I just can't get behind Greg Schiano. (7)

San Diego over Miami: I could see Miami winning this one. But that offensive line is in pieces and the Chargers can play as well as anyone. (1)

Giants over Green Bay: I've said it before, I'll say it again. The Giants have turned the corner and their defense is ready to re-establish itself. The Packers stand a chance if that third-string (fourth-string?) guy can channel his inner Rodgers/Flynn/Favre, or if Flynn gets in and plays like he once did, but I think New York has enough to win here. (11)

Seattle to beat Minny: I may never pick against the 'Hawks again, no matter how close their games are. (12)

New Orleans to beat San Fran: To be honest, I don't think the 'Niners have what it takes to turn things around. Kaepernick is being exposed for the limitations in his game and, let's face it, he was never on the same level as Drew Brees. (13)

Denver to beat Kansas City: I always file my picks too early. This one depends entirely on the health of a certain dude named Manning. With Peyton in the pocket, the Broncs roll over the unbeaten Chiefs. Without him, not so much. (15)

New England to beat Carolina: Don't get me wrong, I love what the Panthers are doing and, especially, what they did to San Fran last week. And this game should be close. But, let's face it, Kaepernick was never on the same level as Tom Brady. (14)


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