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Today is only the fourth day that I have been a part of Calling All Newbies, and I wanted to share with others what I have already learned from this group.

First and foremost: this is the group to come to if you have any questions or comments for other new people to view. I have gotten responses from the Vets in here a.s.a.p. Coming here and checking out the "Locker Talk" or reading the Blogs has been of great help. Thanks RStowe. Understand this: The vets are in here for a reason. They want Fan Nation to operate the same as it was before we joined. Look to see who posts comments more often, or posts more blogs, and invite them to be your friend. Once they are, pick their brains on any issue that you have. It worked for me, it should work for you.

Secondly, when it comes to Throwdowns, listen to the experts! I can not stress this. I have attempted 3 throwdowns to this point, and I am 1-1 and leading in my third. It is not because I am a great debater or anything like that. It is because I read how to do them before I started. Check out the leaderboard on the TD main screen and take a note of who is on it. Again, ask that person to be your friend. I was able to make nice with the person in first place. Not because he was in first, but because he is a Tiger fan and I can relate to him. When it comes to TDs, I can tell you this: I have learned already that you NEVER write to a friend and straight up ask them for their vote. That is not how it is done. I made that mistake and it nearly cost me two friends, but they set me straight and I apologized for it. Only make them aware that you are TDing and give them the link. Encourage them to vote how they see fit. Remember, everyone on here has an opinion, let them use it.

Lastly, I would like to say, "It's not how many you know, but who you know". This applies to the amount of friends you have. We are new to this, remember? Do not get intimidated when you look at someone's profile and see that he/she has 200+ friends. That member has been here a while. They started off with the same amount as us: 0. It will certainly be overwhelming if you attempt to be friends with everyone all at once. I recommend this: find groups that you have a common bond in (i.e. Wolverines, Pistons, Red Wings etc.) and check for people within those groups. Once you have a couple friends, check out their profiles. Most likely they are going to be friends with someone that shares their same favorites.

This was just a short list, but like I said, I am new also. Thank you for reading this. It was my first Blog that I dropped on this page so give me some feedback. Fellow rookies: If it helped you, let me know. Veterans: If it offended you, I am sorry, but inform me if it did.



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