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I don't know if you have noticed tis like I have. Today's Hip-Hop is just not as good as was in the 90's. It seems like all Hip-Hop is just about the same thing today.

I don't know if you all think like I do. I just don't think that today's Hip-Hop is all that great. It seems like to me at least that most of today's Hip-Hop is all about the same things.

Every single song that I have listened to mentioned hooking up with that hoe or slappoing that B*tch. It is all shallow and all driven by sex. That is the main thing that rap is driven by. I don't believe that this was the original intention of Hip-Hop.

Look back at some of the greatest hip-hop songs of the 90's. I will choose 911 is a Joke by Public enemy. Look at the song. It may seem all fun and joking on the outside but it really had a deep meaning. The song was calling out the EMS and was based on a real story. The EMS took way to long to get to the aid of someone who was injured. The reason to this according to Flavor Flav was that the Ems recognized the neighborhood the call came from and didn't believe that it was the best use of their time to go try to save the "Scum" of the earth. Now that was what Hip-Hop was started for it.

I believe that it's main purpose was to bring to the public eye some of the injustices that were happening in the country towards the African-American community. Look at all the early rap and you will soon realize that it was all about social statements.

Now look what Hip-Hop has been perverted to. Now take that recent song [the name escapes my mind right now if you can give me some help I will edit it into here] with lil' Jon. The lyrics go Till sweat drips down your balls. Entirely sexually driven. What does it offer to the great critics of music of any genre. I believe it offers nothing to society. Wait here we go look at the song Soulja Boy. That has got to be one of the dirtiest nasty songs that I have ever listened to, all I could think while listening to it was, "Wow how could this be one of the most popular songs in America today?" I honestly don't believe that songs like Soulja Boy are all that great. Sure it has rhtym and is catchy but what is it Worth? It is just shallow.

 There is one more thing that really bothers me about today's Hip-Hop. A lot is just cocky and bragging about the wealth that they have. Is there any justice in this world. When the For-Fathers of Rap first started rapping they had no money so they rapped about stuff that was real. The real issues. They raised very valid points now you just get "artists" saying stuff like "I got hoes in different area codes" or songs like Pass the Cavasier, for those of you who don't know that is a very very expensive type of champagne. Do you really think that Run-Dmc or Dr. Dre really embrace this. I have a hard time believing it. Then again that is just me.

Don't think of this wrong way. I don't believe that all of today's rap is shallow, or that the old rap never mentioned it [I just got done listening to the song Hot Sex by A Tribe CAlled Quest]. It was just my observation that a lot more of today's rap does.

Here I will leave you with a group that hasn't got a whole lot of attention and is an Indie group but I really like them. They are called MayDay.

Oh and please all of you go check out the new Wycleaf Jean Album. It is very very good IMO.

I would like your input so please tell me what you think in the comments.




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