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From the start of Ryan's hiring stint in 2011 it appeared that the chemistry between Defensive Coordinator and General Manager wasn't quite right. Some people say that opposites attract so why in the world would Jerry Jones have considered Rob Ryan to be his defensive coordinator. Unfortunately, as the story of Jerry Jones General Managerial-ship goes he made the wrong decision and instead of firing the Head Coach and his staff he fired, Paul Pasqualoni. Jerry than commits his team to the bigger than life personality of Rob Ryan. The son of the Great Buddy Ryan and brother to Rex Ryan, (current New York Jets Head Coach), his twin. Ryan's football pedigree goes back decades where he learned a lot of defensive and offensive schemes and strategies from his dad. That knowledge and experience allowed Rob to successfully coach in 4 different college football programs. He went on to the NFL and coached in 4 different NFL teams before coming to Dallas. I'm guessing that Jerry Jones did his homework before hiring Rob and that's why he was hired. Rumor was that after Rob was hired there was a little bit of stress between the both of them, not sure why that was but nevertheless it contributed to Ryan's firing in 2012. Time stops for no man and Jerry Jones is getting older and perhaps a little wiser as well. He so desperately needs another championship that he makes rash decisions. He is his own demise and I believe that he knows it. I bet that he is thinking of what his legacy will be like after he passes. Many people have compared the late Al Davis to Jerry Jones. There are a lot of similarities between the two but not all things are created equal. I believe Al Davis didn't give a flying rat's **** about people around him. I do however believe that Jerry Jones is quite the opposite, he is compassionate and caring to a fault and that's the reason why he makes so many mistakes with his players and staff. This is why he should get an outside General Manager to make those types of calls for him. Jones has recently admitted that it was a mistake to have fired Ryan. I bet he would love to have that call back. You see, Rob is quite the coach he's the ultimate players coach, he is smart, competitive, experienced, motivated, hungry and there's a fire in his belly that is yearning to come out. Rob wants to prove to the NFL world that he is as good as or better than his brother Rex. Jones wants a legacy that will outshine his persona and he desperately needs to show that he is a changed man. I can almost bet that he is contemplating hiring Rob Ryan back but not as the DC but the new Head Coach. To all my loyal Dallas Cowboy fans there that want Coach Gruden, Coach Cower and all those big time Super Bowl Champion head coaches out there. I say to you, in the history of the NFL there has never ever been a Super Bowl winning coach to win another Super Bowl ring in different team. Rob Ryan desperately needs a Head Coaching job and Jerry needs a great Head Coach to lead us to the promise land. Jerry needs to redeem himself and prove to all the loyal fans that he can admit he was wrong , put his pride where his mouth is, step back and hire someone like Rob Ryan as the next Head Coach.


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