Notes from the North

That non-call in the end-zone at the end of the New England loss? Might have cost me a win in my football pool. Yes, I was that good this past week.

Even with the Patriots loss (and my own loss of the 14 points I risked on them), I finished 11-4 and picked up 96 out of a possible 120 points. That put me about 4th out of 69 players for the week and moved me up to 50th overall on the season, a jump of 9 spots.

So I'm hoping to capture the magic again this week. Here are the World's Worst Football Picks for Week 12 in the NFL:

New Orleans over Atlanta: I keep waiting for the Falcons to turn things around and this game against the soaring Sants might just be the week. But I'm not going to risk being wrong on the underperforming Falcs again. (14)

Baltimore to beat the Jests: I know, I know. New York alternates between wins and losses and last week they lost. But I think some Raven pride has to kick in soon and they're at home. (3)

Pittsburgh over Cleveland: The Steelers O-line is playing better and their defense has found its feet. (7)

Detroit to beat Tampa: I usually bet on the hotter team, which would be Tampa after two straight wins, but I think the Lions are desperate after last week's loss. (10)

Green Bay to beat Minny: They say Aaron Rodgers might be back for this one. I'm not sure they'll need him against a Vikings team that is also struggling at the pivotal position. (5)

Houston over Jacksonville: The Texans have to win another one some day, don't they? And the Jags are the worst team in the league, aren't they? (6)

Kansas City to beat San Diego: This one could go either way. Do the Chiefs suddenly deflate after their first loss of the season? Do the Chargers continue to unravel? The home Kansas crowd should make the difference. (11)

Miami to beat Carolina: The Panthers are coming off a big big win. A couple of big big wins, in fact. Here's betting they come out flat against a Miami team that can win some games. (8)

Chicago to beat St. Louis: A hunch. That Rams defence is playing very well but I think Chicago will rev up its run game and win a close one here. (4)

Oakland over Tennessee: McGloin? McGloin? And yet, he can play some good football. (9)

Indy over Arizona: The Cards are on a bit of a streak. But the Colts can beat anybody and not just with their offence. (12)

Giants to beat Dallas: I'll say it again. New York has turned the corner. Its defence is great and that other Manning guy can still sling it. Dallas is too inconsistent to bet on. (1)

New England over Denver: Upset number two. The Patriots should have won last week and Big Bill won't let them lose two in a row. He'll cook up something for Peyton and score just enough points to win a close one. (2)

San Fran over Washington: I hate picking the 'Niners because I'm not fond of their quarterback. But Washington is sliding out of the playoff picture and don't look to be righting the ship any time soon. (13)


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